Cataloging my comics

Well, I’ve finally got around to moving my comics catalogue from dog eared, heavilly edited note books to a sleek modern, 21st century format.  My original plan was just to do it all in spread sheet format, but I quickly came to my senses, and realized that doing this for some 6,000 or so individual issues, plus hard covers, and TPB’s, was just not going to work, especially for when I go and try to fill in gaps in my collection.

So, I went cruising the net for some sort of software and/or web site that would meet my needs and wants.  Basically, I found 2 worth looking at, though there are others out there.  Both are “web based,” and offer some similar features, and each has some unique features.

First off, there is .  This site is purely web based, and offers two levels of membership.  The basic free membership allows you to track 50 issues of your collection, and gives you two free classifieds on the site.  You also can bid on auctions hosted at the site.  Not a whole lot, but for newbies, and those with only a few issues worth tracking, is a good fit.  The paid elite membership gives you much more.  You can enter your entire collection, and get prices/values for each issue and your entire collection, updated on a daily basis.  It also gives you access to more sections of the website, such as the forums, and more free classified ads.

The other site, and the one I opted to go with can be found at .  This site is essentially free, and that includes the software, which can be used on line or off.  I have only just begum to play around with the software, but so far I like what I see.  Be warned though, there is a small learning curve to using the software, as their folder format is a bit confusing at first.  If you don’t have a high speed connection, you should be aware that updates and catalogue loads can take quite a while, as can the cover images.  Even so, it is fairly easy to use, and so far is very comprehensive.  Is it a complete data base?  I don’t know, nor am I likley to ever find out. 

The Comic Collector Live software (from MidTen Media), does have a few unique features that hold a great deal of promise.  One of the “selling features,” is the ability to post wish lists, or list issues for sale directly through the software, which gets uploaded to their website.  For those seeking individual issues to round a collection, and aren’t hell bent for CGC gradings only, this seems to be an ideal feature, and one I hope to take advantage of in the near future.  Yes, there is a fee schedule for sales through them, much like Ebay or other auction sites, but that’s to be expected, the developers do need to eat and pay the rent and keep up with all the new titles and issues that come out.  😉

Once I get my entire collection input into the program, I’ll update this with more details.  That should be some time, and there will probably be a few hundred updates and new versions of the software out by then.


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