New Comics Friday

Ok, so it’s Saturday, sue me.

But every two weeks, I make my run to Electric City Comics (Van Vranken Ave, Schenectady, NY), to pick up my subscriptions and whatever else catches my interest.  Since I got back into the swing of the whole comic scene, this has become a rituak of sorts, and at times a family trip.  Fortunately, it’s only about a 10 minute drive, so it’s not a patience trying experience.

 Anyway, with the rate at which comics comic out, with some being weeklies, only going every two weeks can allow quite a few issues to pile up.  Even so, it’s a rather stress reducing venture, one that allows me a bit of pure fantastical escapism for a few hours, and recapture a bit of the youthful joy that they once brought me. 

 So, I figure, why not take an additional moment, and comment on my latest issues?  Ain’t this the sort of thing blogs are for?

So, a quick run down of the latest and greatest.  First up is DC’s Countdown, issues #50 and 49.  Yes, these issue numbers run backwards, starting at 51, and will run down to 0.  This series is the follow up to 52, and is leading to a new “major event.”  Three main figures play in this series, Jimmy Olsen, Mary Marvel, and Ray Palmer (aka The Atom).  Mary is searching to get her powers back (lost when the rules of magic changed), Jimmy is searching for a reason for the murder of a villainess, and Ray has been missing since Identity Crisis.  Ray has yet to make an appearance, but Jimmy is going to have issues (is the Elongated Man helping him?), and Mary just found where Black Adam is hiding out.

Then there’s my current favorite title, Conan from Dark Horse.  IMO, this is the best series out there.  For those old enough, this is at least the equivalent of the Roy Thomas era stuff from Marvel.  Kurt Busiek’s run on it was outstanding, and the art and scripting of the series, and the mini series’, captures everything about Conan that we fans love.  Not only are they adapting Robert Howard’s original storues, but the original stuff is certainly staying with in the realms of Aquillonia.

Moon Knight is one of the few Marvel titles I currently subscribe to.  Being one of my favorite semi-psychotic characters since the early 80’s, I couldn’t resist getting this title.  So far, it’s fairly well done.  There are some issues with it, such as some story blips, where things are obviously missing, and the art can be misleading or confusing at times.  Even so, it’s a well done series on the whole, and the whole issue of Khonshu, andwho/what he is, and if he is or is not real, has been entertaining.  More so in the context of Marvel’s Civil War, where neither side wants MK.

My main focus these days are DC titles.  The new iterations of JLA, JSA, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (and GL Corps), and the Flash are all worthy reads.  The new Brave and the Bold series is also worth getting for those DC team ups.  I’m really enjoying Jodi Picault’s work on WW, as the scripting is engaging and entertaining.

 More in two weeks…


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