Disgusting Vandals

I had originally decided to let this Memorial Day pass with out comment.  I honestly had better things to do than to make an argument for restoring the dignity of thios day to people who really don’t (in general) care one whit about it.  But I sat here watching CNN Headline News, and saw a story that drove me to comment now.

 It seems that a vandal, or vandals, disrepsected a number of graves in San Juan County, Washington.  On at least two separate nights, these fiends burned flag markers, and replaced many of them with hand drawn Nazi swastika flags in red paint/ink.  Many of these graves are of WW2 Veterans, who it should be remembered, helped to bring down the Nazi regime.  These cowards did this twice over the Memorial Day weekend.  SO it was obvously intentional, and designed to outrage.

To what purpose I ask?  To impugn the dignity of the dead?  To make some lame brained political statement?  And they couldn’t find a better way to do either?  Show some sense of respect, some sense of worth here people.  Help the County Sheriffs there solve this case.

For those interested, here’s a link to the story from Seattle’s Channel 5:


I should note that I had to hunt a little bit to find a good link for this story.  Kudos to CNN Headline News for airing this story (and the Sheriff’s phone numbers), but boo to CNN Online for not having a direct link to this story.  Instead we get links to Rosie O’Donnell’s video blog (like anyone with half a brain cares), and Lindsay Lohan’s DUI arrest (enough already!).  How bad is it when these two nit wits get more attention than our nation’s veterans?

And people wonder why I dislike mass media news programs…


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