New Comics Friday

SO here I am, in the wee hours of the morning, watching Superman Returns.  As I was busy earlier in the evening, I wasn’t able to post my latest acquisitions “on time” as it were.  But I have the time now, and nothing better to do.

So, what was in this weeks pull list? Let’s see here…

Countdown #48 and #47.  DC’s latest weekly series and follow up to 52.  I’m enthralled with this, much like I was with 52.  It’s a neat way to push forward the whole universe with out having to do a massive crossover, and it “fills in the blanks” between issues of the regular series.

Green Lantern #20. The Star Sapphire story arc continues.  This is all part of the lead up to the debut of the Sinestro Corps, and the resulting war between the Zamorans (Star Sapphires), the Guardians and the GL Corps, and the Sinestro Corps.  With Geoff JOhns at the helm, this should be one heck of a ride.

Justice Society of America #6.  The latest installment of the Lightning Saga crossover between the JSA and the JLA.  The Legion is now together, and about to fulfill their mission.  What will our intrepid heroes do?

Amazons Attack#2.  More female angst being let loose on the poor USA.  Circe’s plans seem to be bearing fruit.  Can the JLA and others rally to save the world yet again?  Is there any doubt?  But the real question will be, what will the consequences of this war be?

Silent War #5. The Inhumans attack the Pentagon, and Tony Stark’s Avengers fail to stop them.  Gorgon and the others are freed, and take the Terragen Crystals with them.  The Experimental Marines (humans exposed to the Terragen mists), are now going to launch a full scale attack on the Inhuman home of Attilan.  This can’t bode well, more so with World War Hulk fast approaching.

The Illuminati #3.  More conspiracy stuff!  The cabal of super powers of the Marvel U take on the Beyonder (responsible for Secret Wars) once again.  This time we find out who the Beyonder is, and how to “defeat” him.  Imperious Rex!

Captain America #26.  While this title is no longer about Cap, it os about his side kicks.  I’m fast begining to think that this whole sorry episode is headed for an even bigger disaster.  It looks like the death of Cap will just be a publicity stunt (no real surprise there), and will get reset through a lame (even for comics) premise.  But at least I can hope that the Winter Soldier kills Tony Stark.

Civil War Files and Civil War Battle Damage Report.  I got these more for completeness than anything else.  Really, these are just more money grabs by Marvel.  They add nothing to the story, nor do they really clarify anything.  In fact, most of the info is repeated between the two issues.  Wait for the trade if you want this stuff.

 Civil War The Confession.  Here’s a Civil War add on story worth reading.  It shows exactly how lame and disinegenuous Tony Stark has become.  About the only good thing he’s done recently is stay on the wagon.  And he admits it.  I suspect that Tony may be being set up for a serious mental breakdown.  Might be the only way left to redeem the character IMO.

Avengers The Initiative #3.  I missed something somewhere, as I dont recall Ben Grimm signing on to help out the Initiative.  Oh well, it’s not like continuity matters at Marvel anymore.  This series is shaping up to be a dead in in about 6 more issues.

Stephen King’s Dark Tower #5.  Continuing the graphic tale of Roland’s first mission as a Gunslinger.  Well scripted, and Jae Lee’s art is fantastic.  A very worthy adaptation of the story.  The extras at the back of the book are also well worth reading.

Jonah Hex #20.  One of the few Westerns in comics today, and one of the better over all titles.  Harkening back to days of yore (OK the 1970’s), each issue is usually a self contained story, while maintaining continuity and progression.  The team of Jay Palmiotti and Justin Gray with art by Phil Noto makes this a top 10 book IMO.

The Lone Ranger #6. Brett Matthews take on the character is excellent.  It’s a bit of a throw back to the 40’s when the character first appeared, but with a modern sensability about it.  And Tonto ain’t just a sidekick anymore!

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #17.  The disgraced Padawan Zayne Carrick continues to float through the Mandalorian War.  The side story of Camper and Arkania is also extremely entertaining.

Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears #5.  One of teh few Garth Ennis works I like.  An old western tale about the “Ghost Rider,” and the Spirit of Vengeance.  It’s building up well to what should be a spectacular and bloody conclusion.

Well that’s it for this trip.  More in two weeks…


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