The Fate of Barry Bonds and Baseball

It seems that everyone’s favorite outfielder is now facing an indictment for perjury sometime in the next month according to reports.  Now the Commissioner of Baseball, Bud Selig, has indicated that he will try to suspend Bonds if he is indicted.  I say good for Bud.

 The Commissioner has a clause in his job description, that has wide ranging powers.  When invoked, the “best interest of baseball” clasue essentially allows the Commissioner to do just about anything.  Oh, he will be challenged, of that there is no doubt.  But it is the “nuclear” option for who ever holds the office.  It’s been used before, and I have little doubt that Selig will use it in this instance.

IMO, should Bonds be indicted on the charges, he should be suspended untill the charges are resolved, one way or another.  I  know that the Players Union will cry all sorts of foul about it, and will litigate it to the point of ridiculousness.  But, if Bary is facing felony and/or misdemeanor charges, with potential jail time, isn’t it in baseball’s best interest to have him resolve the charges, rather than going all over the place playing baseball, and being a media circus?  Isn’t in Bary’s best interest to focus on his defense rather than seeming not to care about them?  Shouldn’t the Union be supportive of a suspension that would reflect well on the game, and show that they want a clean game, and accountable players?

Donald Fehr and Gene Orza are perhaps two of the worst things to ever happen to baseball.  Over the past few years, it has become painfully apparent that they believe themselves (under the rubric of The Players Union), to be bigger than the game, and to be some sort of social justice crusaders.  Bah.  They are to eomaniacs to have done more to hurt their Union, the sport, and the public perception of their constituents (the players).  At nearly every opportunity they have failed to protect their membership, be it about drugs (steroids, HGH, amphetemines, cocaine, etc), their health post career (retired players needing medical services), or in terms of pensions for older players.  Instead they have effectively conspired with the super agents (Scott Boras, Randy Hendricks, et al), and focused almost solely on the “now” (big contracts, exponentially rising salaries, more perks).

For them, it’s all about power and money.  They want to control the game, and to keep it generating huge amounts of cash for them.  They do this even though it may eventually spell the death of the game.  At some point, and probably not in the too far future, we will hit the braking point.  I fear that it will take a team going into bankruptcy, or worse, folding up operations, before anyone will act to stop the slide. 

t will take more than just one side to get it done.  Players will have to give up things, owners will have to give up things, and it will be up to the Commissioner to get it done.  Don’t get me wrong here, owners are equally culpable here.  Their greed has reduced several franchises to mere shells of their previous levels of achievement.  Look at Kansas City, or Pittsburgh, or the revolving doors in Florida.  Add in the idiocy that is the Yankee organization (way over paying for bad talent), or the Rangers (the A-Rod contract), and one can clearly see how the owners are just as bad as the agents and Union.

The combination of greedy agents, egomaniacal Union “leaders,” bad and greedy owners, and players who just don’t know any better, and it spells a recipe for disaster.  Basbeball needs a lot of comprehensive reforms, not just on money matters, but on the drug issues, and player care (especially post career).  NOw, we just need to see if the power games and egos can be put aside to get it all done.  I won’t be holding my breath.


4 thoughts on “The Fate of Barry Bonds and Baseball

  1. I don’t think baseball should suspend Bonds if he faces perjury charges. If we still abide by the idea that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, then Bonds should be allowed to play and continue his chase of Aaron. Now if Bonds was smart, he would take a leave of absence, which would mean he wouldn’t break Aaron’s Home Run record, I’m not so sure Bonds want to anymore, so it may work out for everyone.

  2. Baseball has suspended guys for far less than facing felony charges, and done so with little resistance. NO, if Bonds is indicted, and goes to trial, then Baseball has no choice IMO but to suspend him. Otherwise, what sort of message is MLB sending not only to the fans, but to the Players Union? Zero tolerance should mean zero tolerance, not if you’re a super star chasin a record, you get a pass. We’re not talking a ban here, so if he’s acquited, then he can return no problem. But it would be out of sorts for Baseball to allow Bonds to continue to play, and potentially play outside of the country should he be indicted.

  3. part1)The worst thing Barry Bonds could do is listen to Gary Radnich and others who already have him tried and convicted, based on allegations, and no proof, nor Barry admitting to anything. I’m not even a fan of Barry Bonds, and think he should have stayed on the field for the fan party held to celebrate his record breaking Home Run; however that’s a separate issue, and it’s plain to see that the Government is using the tired old Martha Stewart ploy of acquisition of perjury with the hopes that Barry Bonds will now recant what he testified to earlier at the Grand Jury. Barry needs to keep consistent with his earlier Grand Jury statements to the tee, and he’ll be home in time for dinner. If he changes one thing he said previously, than he’ll be getting three hots and a cot for a long long time. Remember… the government and others can think what they want about weather Barry took steroids or not, and I’m not even sure if he did; however proving whether he did or not, is quite another thing.

  4. part2) quite another thing. If Barry where taking various legal vitamin regiments while maintaining that he was not aware that he was taking any illegal substances, than it’s game over for the governments case, as it’s weak, weak, weak, weak, weak, to the point of being almost laughable; however it’s humorous to see how the media is buying into the governments trap and treating Barry like he lied when that’s not been proven one iota. No matter how much documentation, appointment, calendar paperwork the government has, it could apply to all the legal substance appointments that Barry and others kept, which would make his Grand Jury testimony sound, unless he were stupid enough to change it for any reason. P.S To Barry; learn some etiquette and treat your fans better, and although this fan is unable to give any legal advice, and none of the above is to be construed as such, your legal team might wish to read this post A.S.A.P. Good Luck …

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