A some what busy weekend

Well, some interesting evenst over this weekend (so far).  Barry Bonds finally homered at Fenway (Ho-hum), Rob Nifong got disbarred, and one of Iran’s top Ayatollahs died.  So where to start?

Let’s go the easy route, and begin with Barry Bonds.  After his almost embarassing AB against Hideki Okajima yesterday, where he watched five pitches go by without a swing striking out looking, he managed a 2-3 day today.  His second AB is where he hit a Tim Wakefield pitch into the bull pens in right field.  Not an impressive shot at all, but it did go out.  So that makes 748 now for Barry.  Enough of that.

The Duke Lacrosse Rape Case finally came to the end yesterday, when Rob Nifong, the Durham County DA was disbarred for his actions in that case.  On Friday, Nifong had announced that he would resign his position no matter what the disciplinary committee decided.  Then on Saturday, with the families of the three accused players watching, Nifong’s attorney told the committee that his client had come to the decision that his actions deserved disbarment as punishment.  I will applaud Nifong for this, though it took him far too long to reach this decision.  Rather than having tried to pander to certain segments of the voting public, and tarnishing the lives of three young men forever, he should have said at that time that the evidence didn’t support the case, and in fact was exculpatory, and then moved on.  Instead, he tried to feed his political ambitions (which must have gone beyond the DA’s office), and pander to mob opinion.  This tragedy, is not only of a personal nature, but one of political, social, and of justice.  And people wonder why our legal system is so mucked up.  As long as we keep electing nimrods like Nifong to public office, and continue to use the courts to advance political agendas, we will continue to have instance like this.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, one of Iran’s top Shi’ite clerics died over the weekend.  No, not one of the big names, but one of the “minor” members of the Supreme Council.  The Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Fazel-Lankarani, 76, was an early and fervent supporter of Ruhollah Khomeini, the architech of the Iranian Islamic state.  This is why Iran is not quite the threat it’s made out to be.  These guys, the true hard line Islamacists, the ones who dictate to the government, are old, and frail.  They aren’t long for this world, and there isn’t anyone to take their place.  So, as time marches on, the power of the Grand Council will continue to wane, as it has been for several years now.  The people of Iran are fed up with the Islamacists, and want a better life and a better nation.  Give it time, they will have thier version of the “Velvet Revolution” soon enough.

 It looks like the Hammas-Fatah fight has gone into over time now, with Mahmoud Abbas swearing in a new emergency government in the West Bank.  Hammas has near total control of the Gaza Strip, which effectively splits the Palestinian State into two, in more than just in terms of geography.  This may in the long term, be a good thing.  Assuredly, in the near term, it will be bloody, and messy, and nasty.  Even so, it may spell the demise of Hammas as a viable political organization.  They may get a temporary spike in membership and support, but as Fatah gains the “moral high gorund” in this conflict, they will gain more international support than they’ve enjoyed in the past.  No, Abbas \ should come out of this as the “true” leader of Palestine, as long as he continues to make solid decisions.  The danger is that he could be forced to make an alliance with another militant group to fight Hammas, which will in turn force the Israelis to take a harder line with Abbas and his supporters.  It’s still too early to see how all this will play out.  But here’s to hoping.


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