Something new everyday

I can be very, very lazy when it comes to keeping things like a blog or website up to date and current.  I suppose I can get a pass on the blog, as that usually requires some sort of inspiration, outrage, or what not to get a good post going.  Web sites are a bit more labor intensive, and thus, I can’t always be bothered with doing “regular” updates.  But today is a bit of an oddity, I’m making a new post rather sooner than usual.

 So what’s special about this one?  Nothing much really, just a bit of unexpected email is all.  I spent most of today busy, and no where near my computer.  That whole real life thing intruding upon the necessities of the on line world.  Yeah, life can be such a…something…at times.

Anyway, I finally log on, and there are a couple of emails of note (for this purpose).  One is from an on line friend, the other a comment on my last post awaiting moderation.  A bit of an odd coincidence really, given that one was about polls on the current Congress, the other a request to link to another blog.  The coincidence part?  The blog request is from a Jewish Conservative. 

So let’s deal with Congressional approval polls.  The latest shows the current Congress gets a whopping 29% approval of the voters.  Wow.  Seeing as the previous Congress bottomed out at 21%, at that was in last December, what’s that say about those currently taking seats (or not as the case may be) in the House and Senate? 

Face it, the American people got sold a bill of goods by all those “antiwar” Democrats.  I could have told people that back in November.  Oh wait, I did (in person that is).  There was never going to be an “end to the war” from the Democrats.  Never.  Get over it.  It would have meant political suicide for the Democrats to have done the one thing they could do to end the war, cut off all funding.  That is the Constitutional power of Congress, and if the Democrats were truly serious about ending our involvement in Iraq, they should have at least tried to cut off the funding. 

Of course, they knew that they  didn’t have the votes going in, so that was never going to be a serious option.  Nuts like Kucinich could talk it up all they wanted, and the Democratic Party was happy, as it gave them the right press coverage.  All while they continued to play not an honest debate on policy, but maneuver for position in the 2008 White House campaign. 

You see, the Democrats need the war to continue, and to go in a downward spiral untill November 2008.  It’s the only way they feel they can win the White House.  So, we end up getting all sorts of micromanagement legislation which hamstrings our abilities to prosecute the enemy in the field, sends a confusing message to everyone (enemy, Allies, voters, service personel), and just keeps the status quo going strong, all while attemting to seem to be wanting “change.”  It’s a “dog and pony show” as one legislator put it.  More like a carnival scheme to me.

Now, as for the other email, I had not expected to get a link request.  Or more to the point, not from someone I didn’t know.  Naturally, I was a bit worried, as I had no clue who else besides friends and family were actually reading my rants and ramblings.  So I checked out the link. 

The Tygrrrr Express is an interesting read.  I don’t agree with everything he says, then again the only person I agree with all the time is myself.  Yet I found enough there to be worth reading, if only to stimulate honest debate.  As an example, I’m not a supporter of a Jewish only state in Israel.  I find it the equivalent of other exclusionary states like Iran, only “tolerable” to the West.  I support a Palestinian state, and Palestinian aspirations for a national identity.  On the other hand, I found some of his insights on “Blue State Migration” to be spot on. 

Now, some will wonder just how two people of conservative bent can be so far apart on some issues.  No movement or political party today is so monolithic that every member is in lock step with all the others.  Today’s political parties host a wide range of opinions on an equally large range of subjects.  Once people realize that, we’ll be heading in the direction of a more civil political debate in this country.


2 thoughts on “Something new everyday

  1. You are right the democrats are wimps. They talk a good game but can’t deliver, mostly because they don’t have enough votes to overide any vetoes. The issue is that most democrats (republicans as well) are more worried about getting elected than actually dealing with anything. I have a great amount of respect for Kucinich, who has been a stalwart defender of socialist ideals in the US Congress and Yes, I have voted for him before! If more congressment on both sides of aisle had the guts he does, this nation might be doing better than we currently are.

  2. It’s more than not having the votes. Look at how most of them ran for election in 2006. It wasn’t “I’d vote to end the war,” but “I wouldn’t have voted for the war.” That was a difference that far too many voters failed to recognize. Look at McNulty and Gilibrand. Both voted to continue funding, and both gave some rather lame excuses as to why.

    And Kucinich is still a nut job…

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