New Comics Saturday (6-23)

Oh, I might as well admit it.  I’m just not going to get this up on Friday.  Between the time it takes to go over to Electric City Comics, get home, eat, actually read all my issues, and get some net time, it’s going to be Saturday one way or another.  So, to be perfectly honest here, I’ll change the name to Saturday to better reflect reality.

Big lot this time around, between my regular pull list and Marvel’s World War Hulk starting, I picked up about 30 issues this go.  A hefty lot, even by my standards.  So let’s get right to it..

Countdown #46, 45: DC’s new weekly series carries on.  The Jimmy Olsen story line heats up, while Donna Troy and Jason Todd are targeted for death.  Not to mention the domestic squabbles among the Monitors.  Dan Jurgens’ History of the Multiverse back ups also continue.

The Brave and The Bold #4: Supergirl and Lobo team up to get to Rann where Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) has gone.  The side trips they are forced to take fill some gaps as to why this whole mess started, and who are the keys to solving it. 

Green Lantern Corps #13: The Mogo problem is finally revealed.  Kilowog on a rampage (not a good thing this time)!  A doctor makes a house call.  Guy Gardner gets his due (sort of).  All this is leading up to the Sinestro Corps debut.

Green Arrow #75: End of the line for this title (for now).  And what a cliff hanger.  The moment GA fans have been waiting almost 30 years for has finally arrived.  And now we wait for the Black Canary miniseries to enlighten us!

Justice League of America #10: Conclusion of the Lightning Saga.  I must say I’m with Hal and Bats on this one.  It wasn’t who I expected (and hoped) it would be.  But it does make some vague sort of sense.

The Flash #13: This must tie in with JLA #10.  It has to.  It just has to!  Otherwise, they’ve thrown me a curve ball that any MLB pitcher would love to have.

Shadowpact #14: The PR war between Heaven and Hell gets physical as Zauriel and Blue Demon have a bit of a bar brawl.  Oh, and Doctor Gotham is still playing nasty tricks.

Checkmate #15: More conspiracies than you can shake a stick at.  Who has Nightwing and the Black Queen been taken by, and to where?  Who is behind it.  Wanna know?  Go get the Worlds Greatest Detective to help!

Trials of Shazam #7: Billy Batson’s quest to regain the powers of Shazam continue.  A knock down fight with Sabina for the strength of Hercules.  How bad is bad?  When a devil wonders if a pawn is too evil.

The Spirit #7: I thoroughly enjoy Darwyn Cook’s take on the Wil Eisner character.  Combined with Chris Sprouse and Karl Story’s art, this is a wonderful “throw back” to the comics of the 40’s and 50’s with a solid modern twist. 

Justice #12: The conclusion of the Ross/Krueger maxiseries.  A bit moralistic at the end, but that can easily be forgiven here.  Between the script and the art, this was a most enjoyable series, depsite the erratic release schedule.

Army >at< Love #4: Couldn’t use the @ as it wanted to make it a link.  Still, this is an interesting adult oriented series from Vertigo. It’s way over the top on just about everything, yet has a solid base story line in terms of the individual characters.  Some what thought provoking in some of it premises.  Worth a look if you don’t mind the obvious sexual references.

Tales From The Crypt #1: Bought this one on impulse.  At first I thought it was a reprint of the old EC comics, which inspired the HBO series and the various movies.  Nope, it’s a new series from Papercutz.  The indicia reads Volume 2 #1, and has all new stories.  The art to me is off for this sort of thing, with the first story looking more like it belonged in a magazine as a strip.  But the scripts were pure Crypt.  Hopefully, they’ll get some better artists to work on this, as it could fill a niche that has been neglected for too long now.

Conan and the Midnight God #4: The Cimmerian’s Stygian Campaign continues.  And just keeps getting worse not only for Conan, but for Palantides as well.

Conan #41: A new story arc begins, with Conan captured, the Gunderman dead, and Jiara betraying them.  Royal conspiracies, corrupt priests and magistrates galore! Oh, and a strange ape-priest as well.

Fallen Son- Spider-Man: Part four of this series.  Spidey takes a moment to reflect, makes a painful mistake, and gets consolation from Wolverine.  >record skips< Consolation from Wolverine?

Avengers Classic #1: Taking a cue from Classic X-Men, this series will reprint old Avengers stories (begining with issue #1!), with additional back ups from various writers and artists.  The back up story from Stan Lee in this issue is definitely worth a read for long time Marvelites.

Mystick Arcana- Magik: A side story of Illyana Rasputin taking place some years ago, with a follow on story about Ian McNee.  Not sure where this is going, or what the purpose is, but it is an entertaining read.  Next up is Sister Grimm.

Blade #10: I really wish someone would get Hannibal King right.  This is perhaps the one major complaint I have with the series.  Poor Hannibal has been so misrepresented since the Dr. Strange Montesi Formula story arc.  Even so, Blade continues his quest, such as it is, with a guest appearance by Spider-Man.

Sub-Marinier #1: This is either going to be a great series, or it’s going to totally suck.  The set up is very intriguing, and I have to wonder, which is a good thing.  I just hope they can pull it off.

Moon Knight #11: Just what does Tony Stark want with Marc Spector?  This issue is somewhat confusing, as it’s not told in a linear time line fashion.  It’s apparent that it jumps around a bit, which confuses things, as stuff is out of order, and it’s difficult to get straight.  Not the best issue so far, but has some good cliff hangers.

The New Avengers #31: The fight to save Maya Lopez gets bloody.  One heck of a double cliff hanger too.  Guess you can’t believe everything you see (or read).

Captain America #27: Continuing to tell the tales of Cap’s associates.  Bucky goes off the grid, and The Falcon and Sharon Carter have to make sure nothing else goes wrong.  Guest starring the Black Widow (that girl does get around doesn’t she?).

World War Hulk #1: And so it begins.  The Hulk touches down in Manhattan, and pummels Iron Man.  This is after he beats the crap out of Black Bolt on the Moon.  Looks like the old Tonester is going to get what he’s got coming to him.

Ghost Rider #12: The Devil goes to Buffalo.  The question is why?  And GR winds up face to face with a certain green skinned monstrosity.

Iron Man #19: Ties into WWH #1. Tony’s got more problems than a thoroughly enraged Hulk to bother him.  SHIELD just ain’t 100% behind him.

The Mighty Avengers-Most Wanted Files: Worth while only if you aren’t fully familiar with all the characters.  Lots of background stories (words only mind you), and is suposed to be a suplement for the Offical Marvel U Handbooks.  Pretty much a waste of money if aren’t new to the characters.

DMZ #20: Friendly Fire part three.  Matty continues his own investigation into the Day 204 Masscare.  And like any good story, he doesn’t know where it will lead, or what the full consequences will be, and that worries him.

I also picked up the 52 TBP Volume 1 as well.  I have the entire run of 52, but I like to have a trade to read on occasion.  Some interesting extras for fans in here, with sketches, original layouts, a cover gallery, and some commentary from the creators.  Vol. 1 collects issues 1-13.

Well, that’s it for this time.  Just two more weeks for the next installment.


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