A busy Sports Day

Well, it seems that the sports world here in the US of A has had a rather busy, and some what eventful day.  We got history in MLB, The NHL Hall of Fame inductees, and that ever so exciting (Not!), NBA draft.  So let’s get to it all…

First on tap we’ll look at the NHL HoF inductees.  A solid group got elected this go around.  Tops on the list would have to be Mark Messier, the Center/Forward for the Edmonton Oilers and NY Rangers.  Love him or hate him, he was one of the best forwards in the NHL in the 80’s and 90’s.  It’s also nice to see Al MacInnis get his due in this election.  One of the top defensemen for years, he languished in Calgary, and rarely, if ever, complained.  One of the great ambassadors of the game.  Scott Stevens and Jim Gregory (former GM) are also solid choices.  When I first saw Ron Francis’ name on the list, I at first questioned the choice.  But looking at his numbers, and what he accomplished as a player, I over came my initial thoughts of him being a solid, but not HoF player.

Then there was the NBA draft.  I just don’t get why people find these drafts exciting to watch.  Yes, I remain curious about who my teams draft, except in Baseball, as it takes 3-4 years before any of those players will show up, but I don’t need to sit in front of the TV or PC to get who goes where in real time.  I am more than satisfied to catch up on all of it after all is said and done. 

For the past several years, I’ve found it hard to watch any NBA games, even those of my beloved Celtics.  And it’s not just because they’ve been so awful lately.  The whole game since Jordan has been terrible to watch.  Even those teams who play the game “right” are hard to watch.  Even so, I keep up on who the C’s have, and who they deal and acquire.  I like the move Danny Ainge made today, trading for Ray Allen from Seattle.  I haven’t checked who they got in the 2nd round (except Seattle’s pick), so the jury’s still out on the direction of the team, but the prospects for next season are improving.

Now, today in MLB, it was a historical moment for two players, individually and singlely.  First was Frank Thomas hitting his 500th HR against the Twins in the Metrodome, where he hit his first HR.  Then, in a five hit performance, Craig Biggio reached the 3,000 hit plateau.  With both reaching these milestones on the same day, it was the first time in MLB history that it has happened.  Both Thomas and Biggio should be planning their trips to Cooperstown 5 years after they retire. 

I especially like Biggio’s achievements, as he did it all for one team, and has been a class act for so many years, more so as he did it all for the Astros.  Kudos should be given to Craig for the class he showed by having his long time teammate, Jeff Bagwell not only at the park, but joining him on the field for one last time when he reached the mark.  It was a testament not only to the friendship between the two, but to what the two of them did on the field together.  Welcome to immortality Frank and Craig.


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