Paranoid conspiracies, not just for right wingers anymore

USing WordPress’ Tag surfer featue can generate some interesting results.  All it does is scan through other WordPress blogs looking for Tags that you have used on your own blog.  This in and of itself leads to some entertaining reading.  I was just fooling around with it, scanning down the rather long list of blogs, and I noticed that more than a few had the Tag “politics.” 

Oh. My. Gawd.  The sheer paranoia, and disconnect from reality evidenced in so many of these blogs astounded me.  Wow.  It used be, “back in the day,” that conspriacies were primarily the domain of right wing nutters.  You remember them, black helicopters, UN police forces coming to take away our liberties (and guns), that sort of thing.  Then there were the more “traditional” conspiracy theories, like mind control experiments on Long Island, the Philadelphia Experiment, and the regluar UFO/Alien stuff.  Now it’s all coming from the leftists, and almost all of it exclusively revolves around the 9-11 Attacks.

I really shouldn’t be surprised.  Like politics in general, this stuff runs in cycles, bouncing between the left and right.  Ten years ago it was all right wing paranoia, then thanks to Billary, and thier supposed “vast right wing conspiracy (TM),” it swung back to the left.  I guess it’s sort of stayed there.  What truly does surprise me is how out there these people have become.  I keep expecting them to be advertising for designer tin foil hats, or pills to counter act the mind control drugs in the water. 

These people need a reality check, and probably some hefty does of antipsychotics.  Seriously, how these people can continue to try and propogate myths and radical leaps of logic as “fact,” and in the face of overwhelming and impartial evidence amazes me.  I suppose it doesn’t help that enablers and nutters like Rosie O’Donnel and Michael Moore continue to feed the fires.

One of the first blogs that I looked was expousing on how the WTC buildings collapsed.  Just like Rosie’s rant on The View.  Wake up people, there were no explosives in those buildings, they were not rigged to be imploded.  I can think of at least 6 different times this has been debunked.  Popular Mechanics did it, the American Society of Engineers did it, one of the Metalurgical Associations did it, heck, even National Geographic did it.  How much more evidence is required to debunk this once and for all?

Now, the hallmark of a good conspiracy theory is that you can neither prove, nor disprove it.  Nebulous facts and connections, no matter how tenuous, just need to sound good rather than be provable.  Kind of like how main stream media reports things.  Michael Moore has made aliving off of this stuff, even though he can usually be proved wrong on 90% of what ever he spews forth.

The current run of leftist conspiracy theories knows this, and makes excellent use of it.  Most of it has become typical, with a generic core that gets regurgitated ad nauseum.  Sometimes there’s a twist to it, sometimes not, but that central kernal remains.  There are a few that remain constant: The government knew the attacks were coming; the government allowed the attacks to happen; the attacks were carried out by the government, not Islamic terrorists; it was a plot to allow W to invade Iraq; the attacks were an assassination plot to kill Democratic donors (I don’t get this one); and so on and so forth.

It is said that this sort of mental thought process is a defense mechamism.  When one’s world view is so completely shattered, the mind just can’t handle the paradigm shift.  So instead it compensates for the change, and adjusts the perceptions to fit the world view so utterly destroyed.  One can see it how the 9-11 conspircacists have “moved on” from the 9-11 attacks themselves, “evolving” into a left wing version of the McCarthyites of the 1950’s, seeing instead of “Reds” under every bed, they see “neocons.” 

The really dangerous people are those who masquerade under the guise of legitimate movements.  One site in particular, which started with good intentions, has been hijacked by an extremist section of the radical left, and has “expanded” the orgainzations issues from seeking answers to questions to activism on issue completely unrelated (except to the conspiracist).  It would be laughable if it weren’t so sad that so many Americans are falling for this garbage.

Feh.  I at times wonder why I bother railing on this stuff.  Nobody is listening, or wants to listen.  It’s some how easier to accept a vast conspiracy, involving thousands upon thousands of people, than it is to accept that we screwed up.  See, that’s he simple truth, we dropped the ball, and we got nailed.

To all those who profess the “Let it happen on purpose” theory of 9-11, get over yourselves.  What we had happen was a break down of the system, where individual agencies weren’t talking to each other.  This is nothing new folks.  It predates 9-11, it predates Clinton, it predates Reagan.  This goes all the way back to when these agencies were in their infancy.  All such agencies, be it FBI, ATF, local and state police, State Department, Secret Service, NSA, CIA, etc, are fiercely territorial.  They had to be early on to justify their existence, and it became institutionalized.  At times over the years, these territorial feuds have been exacerbated by various adminstrations, most recently under Clinton’s AG, Janet Reno (Waco anyone?).  This was first and foremost, the problem in detecting the 9-11 attacks.  Not that it was discovered and the government let it happen for power purposes, but that no one among the various agencies were talking to each other in full disclosure.

Now it’s all about the retcon.  For those that don’t know, this is where you insert “new” information into an existing story line, often changing the entire nature of the story, and ignoring or replacing facts.  Comic book people are all too familiar with this, as it’s used to allow changes to characters with out any real jsutification.  Same with the conspiracy nutters.

The 9-11 wave of conspiracy support has waned significantly, mainly do to people thinking on it for more than half a second, and the debunking of myths surrounding it.  So what’s to be done?  You guessed it, let’s tie it into everything else.  Globalization, corporate malfesiance, the war in Iraq, the Palestinian question, terrorism, you name it, it’s all part of the same gigundo conspiracy.

If they only knew they were repeating some rather old and tired stuff with a modern make over.  These “new” conspiracies read exactly like some old ones.  I am particularly reminded of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” a cobbled together “book” that was used in Czarist Russia to justify going after the Jewish population with state sponsored pogroms.  The book and its subject were complete frauds.  Now, just replace “Jew” with “George Bush” or “Multinational Corporations” and reread the Protocols to see what I mean.  It’s the same paranoia that caused not only the Jewish situation in Russia (and later the Soviet Union), but the same sort of paranoia that allowed Adolf Hitler to rise to power in Germany.

At this point, if I haven’t completely disgusted and driven off the 9-11 conspiracists, they’re going “AH HAH! You see, 9-11 was allowed to happen as a pretext for declaring martial law and suspending the government under a tyranny of Bush!”  Codswallop.  Dubya will leave office in January 2009 and hand over the WHite House to whoever wins the 2008 election.  We have too many safe guards to prevent anything else from happening.  Not to mention all those gun totin’ Americans who would resist such a move (unless the left manages to take the all away before that!).  Get real.  The vitriolic hatred towards Dubya is so over the top as to be ludicrous. 

And that’s the rub.  It’s not about truth, or justice, or even about the conspiracy itself.  It’s all about Dubya, and a radical element that so hates the man, that they have used even more fringe elements to bring more people on board to their cause.  Before 9-11 these people were kooks and people with out direction in life.  Now they’ve become champions of “truth” and “justice” (not the American way obviously!).  They’ve suckered people in on false pretenses, leading them into areas in which they are completely reliant on the “champions” for “truth” and “guidance.” 

No it’s not a counter-conspiracy.  It’s just plain old opprtunism.  Someone, somewhere saw the opportunity to advance their casue, and took it.  Not all that complicated.  Just some quick thinking, and a bit of luck to get the “in” they needed. 

I was going to provide some links for this, but I thought better of it.  I don;t want to give these people any credence what so ever.  If you’re that curious about all of this, a simple Google search will give you more than you could possibly want.

This entry has been brought to you by the Vast Right WIng Conspiracy (TM).  All hail Discordia!  Fnord.


2 thoughts on “Paranoid conspiracies, not just for right wingers anymore

  1. Are you seriously expecting us to believe that Rosie O’Donnell is a “nutter”?!? How can such a sweet woman with such a good Irish name be anything but believable?

    Next, you’ll be expecting us to believe that Sasquatch isn’t real, or that banshees don’t exist.

    Now that I think about it, Michael Moore sounds a little Irish as well. Now, I ask you, what do you think that might mean, concerning Irishmen in general, if you know what I mean?

  2. Ahem. I know how to deal with Hosers…errrr…Hoosiers…
    And you’re just disappointed that I didn’t touch on how those same conspiracists also plug the theory that FDR allowed Pearl Harbor to happen.

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