Sheehan versus Pelosi

Oh this one has “Celebrity Death Match” written all over it.  I mean, can it get any worse for the Democrats than this?  Necro-Mom Sheehan against Pants Suit Pelosi?  Let the blood letting commence I say!

What I get a kick out of, is why Sheehan wants to run.  She says that if Pelosi doesn’t introduce articles of impeachment by July 12, then she will run against Pelosi for her Congressional seat.  Guess this means that there will be a civil war among Bay area Democrats, as there is no way Pelosi will introduce such legislation.

I find it humorous that Sheehan had such high expectations for the Democrats while she was doing her Camp Candy routine in Texas.  She should have known that the Democrats were only using her for political purposes, to gain power in the Congress, and not to genuinely represent her position.  She was, and is, a tool.

So let’s play a little game of “What if.”  What if Sheehan does run?  She might have a shot of winning.  A shot I say, and only a shot.  Pelosi is too popular, and too powerful to truly be unseated by Sheehan, no matter what the public opinion is.  Sheehan is a single issue candidate, and they almost never win.  I’d also say that Bay Area voters, regardless of politics, are smarter than that, and will return Pelosi.  It will probably be with a smaller majority than she has enjoyed (protest vote), but she will return to Congress.

But let’s say Sheehan wins (by some miracle).  What then happens to the Democrats in Congress?  Can one really see the likes of Sheehan, in cahoots with Dennis Kucinich and Harry Waxman and John Conyers really taking on effective leadership of the caucus?  I doubt it.  Too many “Red State” Democrats.  Such a win could split the Democratic party in Congress at the least.  It could open the door for a third party to arise from the schism among Democrats.  More so if a few other Sheehan types win in November.

In reality, I doubt Sheehan will win.  Sure she’ll get a ton of coverage, and be played up by the main stream media, but she will not win.  She may have an impact on the general Presidential election, by keeping her face and ramblings on the news, but as a candidate, she’s not going to make it.


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