Odds and Ends

A fairly slow week honestly.  Sure there have been a few things that have excited some people, but for the most part, it’s been pretty dull.  So, a collection of bits and pieces, none worthy of a single post get assembled here.

I’ve been slowly going through and cataloging my comics using CCL’s software (www.comiccollectorlive.com).  Their “live market” system is up and running, but I have yet to take advantage of it.  I need to get everything entered in, all I’m keeping, and the stuff to sell before I get moving on trying to sell some stuff.  Going to take a but to get almost 7000 issues entered.

I suppose I should say something nice about Barry Bonds.  I watched Peter Gammon’s throw softball questions to Barry at the AS Game.  It was an interview that was anything but.  Gammon’s just tossed him easy questions which allowed Barry to pontificate.  But I will say this about Barry.  Despite the “bad” situation in San Fransisco, with a limited chance for post seaosn play, Barry hasn’t complained, at least in the media.  Yes, Barry is a primadonna, and an egotistical stat chaser.  But as far as the team situation, Barry has been quiet, allowing Brian Sabean to run the franchise, unlike many other equivalent stars in other sports (Kobe Bryant anyone?).  So Barry gets points for keeping his mouth shut about the team, and showing up to play every day (even though he can’t).

Oh what else is there?  The Joe Bruno-Eliot Spitzer tiff is still going.  Joe is recalling the Senate to address some outstanding legislation, none of which involves Spitzer’s pet projects.  Unfortunately, a lot of good legislation may die because of Spitzer’s bully-boy attitude.  This would include saving Bellevue Women’s Hospital from the Berger Commissions chopping block.  For what Bellevue does, it must rank among the nest in the State.  Our experience there when my daughter was born was very pleasant, and the staff was excellent.  Can anyone tell me why we elected this spoiled twit as governor?

The Albany TU continues its lack of impartiality.  Case in point.  A recent article on the Assembly race to succeed Paul Tonko (D-Amsterdam), was very lengthy on Democratic candidate Kosiur’s platform.  All sorts of details on what he wants to do.  His Republican challenger, George Amedore, got a two line mention in the article, and nothing on his platform.  Real balanced and impartial reporting.  Heck, it might even be a violation of the equal time provisions.  Wonder if anyone has looked into that.

Bought a second vehicle this past week.  An 03 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.  Talk about painful to fill up.  Ouch.  Even so, it fits 99% of our needs.  It’s not what we were looking for, but finding a pickup that met our needs was proving to be a fruitless search.  More so with a limited budget.  It’s a real nice ride though.  Shift on the fly 4WD, power this and that, sun roof, decent stereo (including a CD player), V6 engine, and a lovely power driver’s seat. 

Can’t think of much else to comment at the moment.  Might make a more extensive post on the latest attempts by Congress to legislate defeat.  Hmmmm.  Maybe a good game of “what if” is in order here…


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