New Comics Review (7-21-07)

Extremely late this week.  Between that whole real life thing, and a rather large pull list this time, it took me far longer than usual to read through everything.  Should be back on schedule next time (yeah right)…

DMZ #21- Part 4 of the “Friendly Fire” story arc.  Matty gets an answer to one question, but it will be the aftermath that will matter.  Maybe what happened on Day 204 wasn’t such an accident after all.

Batman Confidential #7- New story arc begins, with a look at the Joker’s past, and Bat’s role in it. 

Countdown #42, 41- Tension builds in the DC universe.  Between Amazons in Washington, Monitors going rogue, Mary Marvel’s continuing identity crisis, and the death of Bart Allen, this just keeps getting better and better.

Amazon’s Attack #4- Air Force One is forced down in a field.  Wonder Woman is taken away from her confrontation with her mother.  Oh, and Circe is still alive..

Green Lantern #21- Geoff Johns continues to prove that he is among the best, if not the best scripter in the business today.  The Sinestro Corps continue to kill off Lanterns left and right, while the Guardians sit and debate.  Once again Ganthet turns to Hal and friends to go off the grid and do what needs to be done.  But Parallax is back, this time as Kyle Rayner!

Lone Ranger #7- Despite being from a secondary company (Dynamite), this is one of the best written and drawn series on the market today.  The Ranger gets some “down time,” and makes more than a few gestures to his friend and family.  I wonder if they’ll ever make the connection between the Lone Ranger and the Green Hornet?

Conan #42- Rougues in the House part 2.  Conan makes allies with the Red Priest, who was sent to kill, in order to get out of the sewer maze beneath the tower.  Plus a semi-intelligent ape is running amok in the tower.

Black Canary #2- More lead up to the big day.  Merlyn has a plan, and is just so obsessed about Green Arrow that it will endanger all around Ollie.  Oh, and Dinah’s ex is back on the scene..

Green Arrow Year One #1- A new retelling of the origin of Green Arrow.  This is starting off as a more involved retelling of the 1983 miniseries.  A solid read, especially for those that don’t already know Ollie’s past, or those that missed the first miniseries.

All Flash #1- A one shot to bridge the gap between The Fastest Man Alive and the return to Flash with #231.  Wally West tracks down Impulse, the Bart Allen clone, who helped kill Bart.  But not all is done with the Flashes.

Justice League of America #11- A self contained story during the Amazon war.  Vixen and Red Arrow are evacuating civilians from the Watergate Hotel (yes that Watergate) when it goes over the side into the Potomac.  A simple yet effective story IMO.

Justice Society of America #7- A new Captain Steel arises, but will he last?  What happens when you muck with a guy who already has mental issues and try to make him a hero?

Checkmate #16- Power struggles abound among the Kings and Queens of Checkmate.  Plus a new member joins, but is he trustworthy, or just an obvious spy?

Shadowpact #15- Zauriel joins up to take the place of Blue Demon, just in time to confront Doctor Gotham.  All while Blue Demon searches for his family in Hell, with lawyer in tow! I can’t wait to see this guy litigate in the Infernal realms.

Spirit #8- I just can’t get enough of Darwyn Cook’s take on Eisner’s character.  I think he’s nailed it.  In this episode, the Spirit’s favorite secret agent returns from the grave to save the city from Nuclear destruction.  Oh, and also makes things difficult for ourt hero and his gal.

Star Wars: Dark Times #4- Continuing to follow the Jedi Master Dass Rennir and his cohorts as the track down the slavers.  Explores more of what it is to be a Jedi, and how there may be more than two sides to the force.

Shazam! And the Monster Society of Evil #4- The conclusion of Jeff Smith’s take on the character.  I enjoyed this series as new take on it, but I wouldn’t want it to be a regular series.  Still, a fun read in a 40’s kind of way.  Not complex or involved, just straight forward superhero action.

Captain America #28- Cap’s still dead.  Bucky/Winter Soldier is hunting the Red Skull, while Sharon Carter and the Falcon try to track the Buckster down.  With Nick Fury still hiding out. 

Mystic Arcana:Black Knight- Part two of this series (even if it says #1 on the cover).  Picking up with where Magik left off.  McNee is still on his quest, this time to the time of King Arthur to meet Morgana LeFay.  Oh, and that guy in black armor too..

Avengers Classic #2- Worth it for the reprint alone.  The new back up story is OK, but that’s not what you’d be getting this for.  For those with a bent for nostalgia, or if you never read this stuff before, get it.

Sub-Mariner (The Initiative) #2- The Atlantean sleeper cell is still active.  The confrontation between Tony Stark’s SHIELD and Atlantis is in a precarious situation, and Namor breaks through the SHIELD line to go after the sleeper cell and whoever is behind them.  Will he have a throne when he gets back?

Civil War Chronicles #1: If you missed out on this story arc, and don’t have the cash to pick up the trades, this is a viable alternative.  At $4.99 an issue, it’s a bit pricey, but does reprint both Civil War #1 and Civil War: Frontline #1 in the same magazine.  Not worth while if you have all the original issues or the trades, unless you’re a completist.

The Order #1- Details the adventures of the California team for the Initiative.  I doubt this one will last.  It’s just not all that compelling in terms of story line or characters.  The art is solid, but that won’t save it.

Wolverine: Origins Annual #1- an interesting side story, taking us back into Wolvie’s past (maybe).  Kind of long winded for what the ending was, and not a whole of meat to the story.  Still, the art was solid, and the story itself wasn’t all that bad.

World War Hulk: X-Men #2- Xavier tries to give himself up to the Hulk, but the rest of the X-Men won’t allow it.  Yet another excuse for a Hulk-Wolverine fight.  This one gets nasty folks.  And it all could have been avoided..

World War Hulk #2- Big guns duke it out in NYC.  Iron Man is down, and not even Reed Richards and Dr. Strange can stop the green goliath. 

World War Hulk: Frontline #2: Ben Urich find himself a bit too close to the action when the Hulk and the Thing trade punches.  And there’s something else going on as Detective Danny investigates the death of one of the Hulk’s war-bound.

Avengers: The Initiative #4- B-Listers and rookies get assigned to crowd control, and can’t stand it.  Not sure why I pick this up, as it, like the Order just won’t last.

Ghost Rider #13- Johnny Blaze and Zarathos confront the Hulk.  Hulk smash.  And Ghost Rider drives off.  Dr. Strange has to explain why to Reed Richards, and Reed now knows he’s gonna get a whuppin.

Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears #6- The Finale to the Garth Ennis scripted miniseries.  This kind of loses me in the middle of the issue, as it goes into some rather heavy philosophical concepts, and doesn’t convey them well.  The ending leaves something to be desired as well.

Blade #11- Nearing the end of this series, if the reports are true.  Blade’s father is looking to restore his soul, and those of every other vampire out there.  Hannibal King and Blade have a set to, and the possibility of Dracula’s resurrection is lurking just around the corner.

New Avengers #32- Who’s a skrull?  Who’s more annoying?  And just what Is Jessica up to with the Elektra-Skrull body?  And why did Danny’s plane crash?

Army >at< Love #5- More frontline hijinx brought to you by MOMO.  I find thistake on “corporate warfare” entertaining.  It’s not a funny haha kind of humor, but it is high satire.  Though it does have some interesting ideas.  Definitely for the more adult crowd.

The Prgramme #1- I had read a bit about this before I bought it.  The concept is far from original, but the application of it is.  The tandem of Peter Milligan and CP Smith have, in this first issue at least, produced an entertaining and interesting story.  I look forward to seeing how they carry on.

I also picked up the TBP of Elric: The Making of a Sorceror.  This “prequel” to Moorcock’s Elric series of books is a solid read.  Written by Moorcock, and produced with artist/writer Bill Simonson, it has all the things that made me read the original books to begin with.  A worthy pick up if you’re a fan of Moorcock’s works (Elric, Castle Brass, Eternal Champion, etc), or if you’re just curious about his stuff.


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