New Comics Review (8-7-07)

I’ve been trying to write this and get it posted since Saturday (8-4), but something has managed to screw it up for me each and every time.  Be it a connection snafu, or a faulty touch pad, or whatever, something has denied me posting this.  So, once again into the breech!

Brave and the Bold #5 – Bats ends up in the 31st century, and shows the Legion that high tech isn’t all that.  I bet Batman was a champion hide and seek player, and won a lot at Tag.  Meanwhile, Supergirl hooks up with Hal Jordan and Adam Strange on Rann (and NOT in that way).  The Book of Destiny looks to be a key component of what ever is to happen in the DCU.

Countdown #40, 39- The weekly series heats up a bit.  Super Jimmy Olsen.  Mary Marvel with attitude issues.  Trickster and the Pied Piper on the run from the Suicide Squad and Checkmate.  So, what’s the Question want with them?  For a collaboration series, on a weekly production schedule, this is awesome.

Green Arrow: Year One #2- Olliver Queen washed up on a deserted island.  As I’ve said previously, this is just a retelling of Green Arrow’s origin tale.  Not much new to be told here, but the telling is better, a bit more “realistic,” as evidenced by the way the physical and mental aspects of exposure are given.  It’s laso a bit harsher in the details, with the evidence of a massacre, and the amoral criminals behind it.

Black Canary #3- Dinah and Ollie have a spat, and Speedy wisely stays out of it.  The duo catches up with Merlyn and the League of Assassins on a freighter, but the outcome may be tragic.  This series would have more dramatic impact if I didn’t know where it was going, thanks to reading Previews.  Still a good read for fans of the characters.

Green Lanter Corps #14- Sinestro goes home while his Corps continue their assaults on the GLC.  Soranik Natu tries to defend her home from Sinestro’s return, and may end up advancing his plans.  Plus, the ring shows a “weakness,” the inability to kill.  Oh, and Mogo gets a surprise visitor with a certain yellow symbol on it.  Perhpas the best story arc in the DCU right now, adding to the growing legend of Geoff Johns.

Justice Society of America #8- How to describe this issue?  A day in the life?  Or perhpas just Family matters?  Despite all the action, the story itself is about the personal relationships between JSA members, focusing in on Liberty Belle. 

Wonder Woman #11- Unlike some, I’m thoroughly enjoying Jodi Picault’s run as writer.  Sure, it’s less wham-bam-than you ma’am than typical, but I think it works.  In this issue, Diana goes back to Themyscira to get the cure for the bee poison, and ends up having a bit of a tete-a-tete with Athena herself.  Something ain’t right in Olympus, or in Themyscira.

Jonah Hex #22- Palmiotti and Gray continue their tour de force in the old west.  This time around, Hex gets to deal with futurists, angry townsfolk, electric lights, and steam powered robots.  And a nifty conversation with Thomas Edison.

All Star Batman and Robin #6- I really wish this would come out on a more regular schedule, as it is a very solid read.  While some dislike what Frank Miller does with Bats and company, I find I like his take on the character, but only outside of regular continuity.  The combination of Jim Lee’s art and Miller’s scripts I think gives this title the grungy feeling it needs.  In this installment, we get Bats more as an observer, with Black Canary going solo, and the appearance of Batgirl.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #18- Jedi conspiracies, Jedi secret societies, corporate madmen, genocidal maniacs, and a Mandalorian witha past.  What more could you ask for? We get more background on Camper’s past, Zayne still can’t catch a break, and Jarel may be in the clutches of a nutter.  Oh, and space slugs too. 

Conan and the Midnight God #5- The conclusion of this miniseries.  Conan confronts Ra-Sidh at the heart of the Stygian Empire.  This one has a bit of a soft ending for a Conan saga, but given what all has happened to our intrepid Cimmerian, it’s a nice change of pace. 

Illuminati #4- OK, this one is worth it for the dialogue alone.  The exchanges between the Illuminati members about their women is priceless.  The main story about Marvel Boy is weak, though seeing Namor get medival on him is fun.  I do like the concept of this series, but its execution has been hit or miss.  I must say that this is some what characteristic of Bendis’ writing style.

The Mighty Avengers #4- Feh.  Does continuity even matter anymore at Marvel?  It’s not that the Ultron story line is bad or anything, but just when is this supposed to take place?  With World War Hulk domninating the scene, this is so out of place, that it makes it unworthy to follow. Add to this the crap interactions between the characters, and it’s a failing series.

Thor #2- Ugh.  This title is in serious trouble.  Straczynski just can’t get this story  line going fast enough.  Far too much existential philosophy, and not enough bad guy bashing.  I really can’t see this title surviving much beyond six issues at this rate.  Like I should have expected any better from JMS.

World War Hulk #3- aka Hulk takes Manhattan part 3.  A few more pieces from the Hulk’s past show up and take their hits.  Thunderbolt Ross, Doc Strange, and Rick Jones.  This is all building up to a grand arena battle between all the Hulk’s enemies.  And mark my words, Rick Jones will defeat the Hulk and save the day.

Iron Man #20- Worth it just to see Dum-Dum Dugan and the Hulk face off in a staring contest.  Otherwise, I think they mischaracterize old Dum-Dum.  He should not be that wishy-washy or indecisive.  I can’t wait for SHIELD to get back to what it should be.

Super-Villain Team up/MODOK’s 11 #1- Yuck.  If you have Super-Villain Team Up in the title, you should have more than one super villain in it.  This has a moment in the lead up to MODOK’s creation, but otherwise just doesn’t work.  A bunch of C and D listers, with a single B-List villain, Mentalo, does not a super villain team up make.  I probably won’t get issue #2.

I also picked up three TPBs.  Two JLA stories, The Nail, and Another Nail, and Volume 2 of 52.  The two JLA stories are compilations of Mark Waid scripted miniseries from a few years back, and are worth while for fans of either Waid or the JLA.  The 52 compilation, covering weeks 14-26, have some nice additions, from sketches to creator commentaries.  A great pick up for those who followed 52, or those who need to catch up.

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One thought on “New Comics Review (8-7-07)

  1. This is better than reading them myself. It’s like watching a soap opera once a month, and catching up on the entire story line without watching every day. Keep up the good work! 😉

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