Bonds did it

Well, it’s all over except the talk now.  Barry Bonds has hit home run #756.  Whoop-de-doo.  And Bud Selig was not there to witness it.  Sure his “agent,” Frank Robinson was, but Bud wasn’t.  He couldn’t have timed it any better.  I’m quite sure all the morning shows, sports and MSM will be breaking it all down ad nauseum tomorrow. 

I am confident that they will all focus on Robinson’s facial expression and body reaction to the moment.  We will see a bazillion replays and slo-mo shots of him as Barry hits it out.  I’m also quite sure that they will analyze to death whatever response Selig issues to the event.  This will dominate the talk shows until the next bug thing comes along, probably Friday.

I’m not sure that I like how this has all played out.  Forget the steroids, the perjury, and Barry’s insanity and attitude.  I’m talking about how the Giants, probably with Barry’s insistence and assitance, engineered this event to happen in San Fransisco. 

In general, I can understand Barry taking every third day or so off.  He’s “old” in Baseball terms, and what he’s done to his body is taking its toll.  But what transpired after he hit #’s 754 and 755 can only be ascribed to making sure that Barry got the best possible reception to the home run.  They did everything possible to insure that it happened at home, where people support Barry with an almost religious zeal.

I would have loved to have seen Barry hit #756 in Los Angeles.  That would have been fun.  The boo’s, needing a security escort around the bases, fans turning their backs to him.  It would have punctuated the whole moment nicely.  Not to mention he would probably have gotten drilled in his next AB.

But no, we get the “fairy tale” ending instead.  Blah.  Here’s to hoping Barry just goes away after this.  Just shut up and fade away for 5 years until he becomes eligible for the Hall of Fame.  This way, as much as it pains me to do, we can root for A-Rod to break Barry’s record, and blow it out of the water.  That is if his wife doesn’t kill him first, or the Yankee fans and beat writers don’t drive him insane.


One thought on “Bonds did it

  1. If/when Barry Bonds gets in, then it’s time to review the Pete Rose refusal.

    After all, what’s a few bucks here and there? It’s not like the Reds withdrew from any games due to a sore toe when an extra $7 million was on the betting boards. Jeesh.

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