Rex Hudler is an idiot

I mean that with all my heart.  He’s an idiot.  He’s annoying, ignorant, loud, obnoxious, and most of the time has no clue what he’s talking about.  He likes to drop names, remind everyone he played for the Angels and Yankees, and that’s about it.  He doesn’t add anything to a telecast, and certainly can’t make up for his own mistakes let alone Steve Physioc’s (his on air partner).

Now I thought being forced to listen to Michael Kay on Yankee broadcasts was bad enough.  Not quite the torture that listening to Susan Waldman is, but bad.  Then, over the past two days, I’ve been subjected to the Hudler-Physioc combo, as that’s the feed for the Angels-Red Sox series.  UGH.

For the past two days, I have been wondering if Rex Hudler has been watching the same game I was.  Many of his “calls,” were Rizutto-esque, completely wrong, and obviously so.  There was a play at the plate on the Monday night game which Hudler said was “clearly an out,” when in fact, as seen live, was not even close.

I watch a lot of baseball, and have a good feel for alot of the various television teams broadcasting games.  I used to rate the Yankee broadcasters (OK, mainly Michael Kay) as the worst.  Well, the Physioc-Hudler combo now holds that spot IMO.  Others among the bottom feeders would be Ken Harrelson in Chicago (White Sox), Dave Simms-Mike Blowers for the Mariners (these guys just put me to sleep, not that they make bone head calls), and as much as I like Ray Fosse, his voice grates on me like a rasp on an open wound. 

This is not to say there aren’t good teams out there.  Jon Miller for the Giants, the immortal Vin Scully for the Dodgers, and the Underwood-Manning team for the Indians, are at the tops IMO.  The rest range from good to average to mediocre.  It’s hard at times becuase one half of a team can be a complete nimrod while the other half is excellent. 

Ah well, I can always turn down the sound and listen on the radio…


4 thoughts on “Rex Hudler is an idiot

  1. Switch to the WWE then. Same kind of stuff, i.e. big egos, cooked up story lines, lots of money, but more entertaining. Baseball is getting to be no different than any other entertainment “sport”.

  2. I just paid $14.95 for Gameday Audio thinking that at least I’d be rid of the gnarly dude big dog. WRONG! He is now doing radio! I am forced to listen to the other team’s broadcast to escape! Gene Autry would roll over in his grave.

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