Football Football Football!

Well, we’re two weeks into the NFL season, and already there have been some surpises.

Break up the Lions!  I laughed heartily when John Kitna said that Detroit would win 10 games this year.  I may have to choke that laugh down now.  The Lion’s are 2-0, though they haven’t played anyone that impressive.  They beat a hapless Raiders, and a struggling Minnesota.  Though Adrian Peterson will be a star in the league.  The best star for Detroit has to be first round pick Calvin Johnson, who is having an outstanding start to his career.  We’ll see if Detroit is for real after they face Philly and Chicago.

Speaking of 2-0 suprises, what’s up with the Texans?  I’m sure Atlanta is seriously regretting trading away Matt Schaub.  Houston faces Indianapolis next week, so we’ll see how the Texans fare against an elite team.  Nice to see Mario Williams finally showing what he’s capable of.

It’s going to be a long season in Atlanta and Oakland and Minnesota.  This is not to mention the soap opera that is the NY Giants.  The Vikings and Giants will get better as the season goes on, provided they can avoid major injuries.  Oakland and Atlanta will take much, much longer. 

There are just as many 0-2 surpises as there are 2-0.  Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Kansas City, and San Diego are all in this category.  Philly lost last night to Washington of all teams.  KC has been beat on, and the Chargers just caren’t living up to expectations.  So much for Marvin Lewis being the defensive genius.  Giving up 51 points to the Browns, the Browns of all teams (!), is mind boggling.  Even worse, is that the Bengals scored 45, and lost. 

My Cowboys are now 2-0.  Still have some worries about the defense, but Romo and the offense look very solid.  The two pronged rushing attack of Julius Jones and Marion Barber should provide enough of a pressure release to allow Romo to hit Jason Whitten and Terrel Owens.  If the defense steps it up a notch, look for Big D to be back in the Super Bowl.

Here’s to hoping Brett Favre has a nice swan song season.  While the team is 2-0, game 1 was not what Green Bay is capable of.  Expect GB to be in the play offs, more so with such a weak division, even with the Lion’s unbelievable start. 

Pittsburgh is not yet for real.  So far they’ve played Cleveland and Buffalo, so haven’t been truly tested just yet.  Let;s see what they do against a tougher opponent.  The NY Jets suck.  That’s it.  Eric Mangini is not the super-coach he was made out to be last year.  This year is the proff to that.  Buffalo is just as bad.  Maybe if they had a real QB, they might be able to do something, but JP Losman is not that QB. 

 Forget spy-gate.  Bill Belichick is still the best coach in the NFL right now.  Sunday’s drubbing of the Chargers was ample proof of that.  Brady was Brady, and I think we should be checking for pods in Randy Moss’ basement. 

Still need to wait to see who will emerge in the NFC West.  Arizona is looking surprisingly good, as are the 49er’s.  St.Louis is bad, but could squeak out the division, and Seattle is looking pretty Jeckyll and Hyde, as Shaun Alexander is just not what he used to be.

In the NFC South, a sub-.500 team could win the division, though I suspect that Carolina will get its act together.  The disaster that is the New Orleans Saints is a bit of a shock.  For a team that was the darling of the NFL, and captured the imagination of the nation last year, and was the feel good story, they have fallen hard.  It’s partly defenses figuring out Sean Payton’s offense, and part of it is a lack of drive by the players.  They may rebound, but don’t expect mroe than a .500 season from them. 

Let’s see who I haven’t mentioned.  Well there is Miami, Jacksonville, Tennesee, and Chicago.  Miami is competing for the #1 pick with Oakland and the Jets.  Tennesee could be interesting.  They play Indianapolis tough, and Vince Young is an emerging star.  Jacksonville?  Too much instability on offense to really go anywhere this year.  Now the Bears are a tale of two teams.  The defense, which is perhaps the best in the NFL, and the offense which is perhaps one of the worst in the NFL.  The Bears will only go as far as their defense will carry them.  Rex Grossman is not for real, and will cost the Bears with turn overs.  Plus, there isn’t anyone for him to toss (he can’t throw) to, nor is there a running game that anyone except the Falcons need to worry about. 

Of course, we’re only two weeks in, and everything can change from week to week. 


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