Sometimes I have to wonder…

First off, I was semi-distressed to find that a portion of my Union dues were used to support the “YearlyKos” gathering.  It’s not bad enough that the National and International treat our local as second class citizens, but now they go and do this.  Oh, and if anyone really thinks that Junior Hoffa is a champion of labor, let me remind you that he was a union busting corporate lawyer before running for the Presidency of the Teamsters.  I don’t think that the man ever held a Teamster job in his life.  He lives off the reputation and legacy of his father, who despite his flaws (and Mob ties) was a champion of labor (and his own personal power).  Maybe I’ll demand the portion of my dues that were used for this event back.  Yeah, like I’d ever see it if I did.

For those who don’t realize it, the spirit of Joseph Goebbels is alive and well, risiding in Hollywood, and masquerading as “socially conscious” film making.  A recent piece on CNN about three upcoming “Iraq War movies” which are more propaganda than “fact.”  Phil Donohue, Charles Ferguson, and Brian de Palma are all putting out “films” that have more in common with “Triumph of the Will” than Casablanca.  Well, let’s be honest here.  It’s more like if you merged Joseph Goebbels and Felix Dzerzhinsky.  Though a touch of Stalinist ideological orthodoxy would not be out of place.  These can only be considered pure propaganda, feeding a cycle of anti-Americanism, and anti-military sentiments already held as “truths” by the left.  These “truths” border on the realm of religious dogma, and not on rationally considered political or even ideological positions. 

It’s scary in many ways, that the left, particularly the American left, are speedily gaining more in common with the Inquisition, Nazism, and Stalinism.  You can’t question anything they hold to be “true.”  It doesn’t matter what it is, be it “global warming,” or race relations, or what not.  If you do, you will be attacked personally.  Belittle and demeen is the preferred methodology.  Facts are unimportant, and God help you if you even think about taking on any of the left’s sacred cows.  They will call you names, pry into your private life (but no one should be able to look at theirs!), show misleading images in advertisements to give a false impression of who you are.  Academic credentials?  They only matter if you support them, otherwise it’s a phony degree, or you didn’t get a high enough GPA to make that degree “legitimate.”  Remember kids, Hollywood and politicians know what’s best for you, no one else. 

The Nobel Peace Prize.  Ugh.  What a joke this was this year.  Al Gore?  And for “exposing the global warming crisis?”  Can you say political sham?  Now this is not to say the Nobel committee doesn’t get it right at times, but this one is a joke.  If he got it for propaganda or even for science, I could understand it.  But the Peace Prize?  An undeserving win, and the first since Kofi Anan won it a few years back.  Martti Ahtisaari, Rebiya Kadeer, and Irena Sendler were all far more deserving candidates.  My choice would have been for Ahtisaari, who has done yoeman work for various peace processes, and is currently working Kosovo. 

Complete change of pace here.  Yet another “who’s your real candidate” quiz for the upcoming US Presidential elections (Thank you Kurt for the link):

Again, with no surprise, I’m still a McCain supporter. 

Governor Bully-Boy is at it again.  Now he says he’ll sue any County Clerk who refuses to enforce or accept his new liscensing policy (for NYS Driver’s Liscenses).  Yeah, like he’s really going to sue 29 County Clerks over this.  That is provided he doesn’t back down before the Minority Assembly Caucus sues him to stop the policy, and provided that he wins that law suit.  This is a stupid, and dangerous policy change, one that the Governor should back down from.  Not that he will, beacuse he’s “a political steamroller” and all.

Meanwhile, all sorts of legislation is being held up because in no small part due to his antics.  As if “Troopergate” wasn’t enough, he just had to throw in an insane policy change effecting not only NY’ers, but the nation as a whole.  So, while we have to get more 30 second sound bites from Spitzer about slandering various Assembly members and State Senators, cpaital improvement projects are on hold, as are economic packages for upstate, as well reforms in several other areas.  Not that Spitzer is in Albany to do any negotiating, he’s too busy hiding out in his NYC office. 

I wonder if Jack Kemp has ever thought of running for governor?


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