Bonds Indicted

Well, it finally happened.  Bonds has been indicted on perjury and obstruction of justice.  Not surprising really.  This began back at the begining of the summer, with rumors and indications pointing to this from the US Attorney’s office in San Francisco.  But there may be more to this story than Bonds’ improprieties.

The timing here is a little suspect, and I’m surprised that ESPN and their legal analyst Roger Cossack, didn’t even think about it.  No, it’s not anything sinister or such.  But think about this: 1. They could have indicted in June or July, they didn’t; 2. Bonds was allowed to play this past season and reach the HR record; 3. The extra time allowed the Mitchell investigation to procede with out the media circus an indictment would have brought.  Now this could all be hot air speculation on my part, but I do have to wonder.

In addition, there may be a couple of other factors at work here as well.  First is the case of Marion Jones, the Olympic gold medalist (even though she was stripped of it by the IOC).  She admited to using steroids, and to doing so while in Olympic competition.  That came about as a result of an investigation into a check cashing scheme.  But it’s where she got the steroids that matters here.  She got them from Greg Anderson (Bonds’ personal “trainer”), and BALCO.  Marion Jones may have, or may be in the process of, cuttinga deal to give up Anderson in return for a reduced or commuted sentence on the other charges.

Second is that Greg Anderson was released from prison, where he was sering time for comtempt of court, for having refused to previously testify (under a subpoena).  This means one of two things: 1. Anderson is going to testify, and give up some of his clients; 2. Anderson is going to be indicted on new charges.  I suppose as this is SF, that a third option is also possible, namely that the judge felt sorry for Anderson having served almost a year (this time) on the charge.  Third is MLB’s Mitchell Investigation.  Reports have already made the rounds that 11 “major” player names will be named in the report as having violated MLB rules (not to mention US Laws) regarding steroids.  Is Bonds one of them?  Is there testimony in the Mitchell report that supports the US Attorney’s case?

 No matter what the eventual outcome of this case is, Bonds’ image has been permanently, and irrevocably damaged.  His career, his numbers, his legacy will forever be tainted by this whole fiasco.  Of course, he did himself no favors.  He was combative with the media, he hemmed hawed, and prevaricaed on the issue for too long.  Had he just come clean when this first all broke, he would not be facing any of this.  We’re a very forgiving nation, especially when you admit to making a mistake.  He would have been forgiven, and not just in SF.  He would be looked upon in a better light, he would be more respected for what he did as a player.  Instead, we get court proceedings, lawyers, and a scandal that threatens the very foundation of the game.  Thanks Barry, yer a gem.


Spitzer Backs Down

It only took what, three months?  But “Prince Eliot” (as Lou Dobb’s dubbed him), has finally gotten the message that his nonsensical plan to give illegal aliens NY State Drivers Liscenses was not going to happen.  He has shelved the plan “for now,” and is probably banking on a Hillary win in ’08 to allow him to bring it back as part of “a wider package of immigration reforms.”

Goernor Bully-boy will probably have to wait even longer though.  I doubt that all those who are opposed to his idea are just going to give up the fight if Shrillary wins.  With some 75% of NYer’s opposed (Marist and Siena Polls), and some 70% of people nationally opposed, not to mention 29/32 County Clerks opposed, there is more than enough support to continue to oppose this foolishness.  I fully expect the NY State Senate, the Assembly Minority, and practical thinking Democrats to continue to oppose this, regardless of who is in the Oval Office.

This is a win for the “good guys.”  By stopping this plan cold, we avert all sorts of potential troubles.  There will be less of an issue using a NYDL as an ID card for plane travel, voter registration and identification, and there will be a definitively verifiable paper trail by having a Social Security number, and other forms of identification in order to get one.  No, it’s not perfect, but it’s a far cry better than the cheap pandering that was Spitzer’s plan.

Adding to Eliot’s woes, his former Communication Secretary, Darren Dopp, is facing a perjury indictment, stemming from his “inconsistent” testimony in front Albany DA David Soares and the State Ethics Commission.  How bad is it?  Dopp’s former attorney, and local sleeze ball lawyer, Terrence Kindlon, is a potential witness, and had to drop Dopp as a client.  Dopp for those who don’t (or won’t!) remember is at the center of the “Troopergate” scandal. 

We’ll just have to see how loyal Dopp is to Spitzer.  If he opts to cut a deal, and fully disclose what happened, Spitzer will be in serious, if not impeachable, trouble.  If Dopp is truly loyal to Spitzer, he’ll fall on hos sword, and take the entire rap for the scandal.  Let’s also see if Dopp’s new lawyer will give him better advice that his previous one.

Now This Is Scary (UPDATE)

As of November 1, the University of Delaware has halted it’s “residence life eductaion” program.  See this: and this:  It would appear that UD has woken up to the insidious nature of this program, even if only at a surface level.  It will be incumbent upon the community at large to keep an eye on this, as I suspect it will be reintroduced next year in a slightly altered form.  Until then, chalk this one up as a victory for free speech and free thought.