Catching up with the World

Don’t you just love it when things won’t allow you to do as you please?  It’s been a while since I’ve had the time, and mental capacity to make a rational (relatively speaking), and semicoherent post.  Heck, I’m about a month behind on my comics reading.  Barely even had the time and desire to catch up on the news.  So, some more sound bite type quips…

A victory for democracy in Venezuela!

Yes, wannabe dictator-for-life Hugo Chavez will have to hold on to power the old fashioned way now.  The polling defeat of his push for lifetime power was done in by the same voters who put him in power (sort of).  Some 51.5% of the electorate voted against Chavez and his *ahem* “reforms.”  That means at least a 20% swing from his presidential “election.”  Roughly speaking, 1 out of 3 people who voted for him, voted against this plan.  Guess they don’t quite trust him that much after all.  Be interesting to see what happens when his term is up. 

Presidential politics is such a wonderfuly entertaining slug fest.  First off, each party has the kook candidate.  The Dems have Dennis “UFO” Kucinich, where the only redeeming feature of his campaign is his wife.  Of course, the UFO thing would explain why she married him in the first place.  On the other side, the Republicans have Ron Paul.  This guy is so out there, I have trouble coming to grips how this guy ever got elected in the first place.  And all that wonderful money he’s raised?  It comes from a coalition of sources that even Strom Thurmond would repudiate.

Troopergate, following Spitzer’s bungled driver’s liscense plan, has all but disappeared from the MSM coverage.  This one is probably headed for some sort of litigation over subpoenas issued by the State Senate, and what if anything the State Ethics Commission is going to do (or not as the case may be).  Even the major players, Prince Eliot and Joe Bruno are “moving on.”  The latest scrap will be over NYRA (NY Racing Association), and ocntrol over the State’s race tracks and VLT concessions.  NYRA’s contract is up on December 31, and all involved parties are split over how to proceed.  Spitzer wants to split the concessions, while the Legislature, including the Assembly, prefer having one orgainzation run both.  Bruno is calling for an open, media covered, discussion meeting between himself and the Governor.  I doubt Spitzer will agree, as he can’t control his temper, and can’t use his bully-boy tactics in front of the cameras.  I am some what surprised that Sheldon Silver has remained so silent on all of this, preferring to use back room “diplomacy” instead (per published reports in NY Post, Daily News, and Schenectady Gazette).  I was sure he’d jump at the chance to cement his power position.

Meanwhile, over the Middle East, some mixed news.  The Annapolis Conference had its day in the sun on day 1, then a whole lot of silence from the media.  While some are calling this a “surrender” conference, a sort of modern day Munich, I doubt that there will be anything of substance forthcoming from it.  There is a solution, one that no party will like, but that’ll be for another post..

 Over in Iraq, the surge is working, as are the tactical changes made on the ground.  How much has it shifted?  Enough that the Democrats in Congress are losing their “surrender now” support.  John Murtha has changed his tune, and drawn the ire of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  Others are following Murtha as well, though many of them were “silent” supporters, not prone to media sound bites (no evidence, no crime).  This support has eroded enough that it looks like the Democratic platform of “time tables” is no longer a viable option.  Not that it ever was to begin with, but now it may be a dead letter before hitting the floor.

What can be said about the “YouTube” scandal at CNN?  Was anyone really surprised that a campaign staffer from Hillary’s campaign got a question through?  Can you imagine what the outcry would have been if someone from say Guiliani’s campaign got a question through at the Democratic version of this farce?  Nah, there’s no media bias….

Can’t think of what else I’ve missed out on the first time around.  I’m sure there’s some sor of earth shattering issue that I have not commented on.  Oh well, guess it couldn’t hae been that important.


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