A bit more on McCain (UPDATED)

I make no illusions, or try to hide my support of John McCain.  In this current world situation, domestic and international, he is the one candidate that I can give my full support to.  But that hasn’t stopped the at times ridiculous and vitriolic attacks on him, not only as a candidate, but personally.  All this time I thought the GOP was supposed to be above this sort of infighting.  But I guess the visceral hatred, that I had previously thought reserved for the leftists attack Bush, is no longer the sole domain of the left.

But back on topic.  I was roaming around the net and found this article:


It pretty much sums up a lot of my own personal opinions. 

Oh, and for those who would like to rage on McCain’s time as a POW, I will take the word of his fellow POW’s over anyone else in this matter.  I highly doubt that Col. Bud Day (MoH recipient), VADM. Joe Mobley, LtCol. Orson Swindle, or Cdr. Everett Alvarez would willingly continue to associate and support him if what has been said about McCain was true.  Also, one should look at waht the late Adm. Stockdale had to say about him.  Enough already, these are the guys who hold the weight in this argument, and not some REMF.

And it appears as if Nancy Reagan is supporting John, if not yet publicly. If anyone on this earth would know who her late great husband would support, it’s Nancy, Michael not withstanding.  If/when this does become public, it will be interesting to see how the talking heads react.  Will they lambast her as they’ve done others?  Or will it go uncommented on, much like the Ted Olsen endorsement?

One other comment on the Reagan legacy.  What a lot of conservtives forget was that Reagan had cross-party appeal.  The news pundits used to talk about them for years aftwards, the “Reagan Democrats.”  McCain and his campaign have realized that to win nationally, and in a clear fashion, one must be able to reach across to the non-looney Democrats (yes they exist).  Reagan did that in 1980, and more so in 1984.  Does anyone really think that Romney or even Mike Huckabee can do that?

I made a comment over at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy where I said that there is a brewing conflict over who matters and leads in the conservative movement (Thanks for the plug!).  Who will be the ones that matter?  Will it be the talking heads on TV, Radio, and the blogosphere?  Or will it be the guys who do the work, who are “in the trenches” fighting where it matters?  The conservative line up behind McCain is impressive, even if they don’t grab headlines or get the interviews.  Does anyone out there think Ted Olsen is too liberal?  Or Jack Kemp?  Phil Gramm?  Steve Forbes? I won’t go so far as to call this a “battle for the soul” of the conservative movement, but it will determine who is in the driver’s seat.

Does nayone else remember when people like Rush LImbaugh stood for things?  Anyone remember when it was just all about what he’s against, but what he stood for?  And he’s not alone.  A great many of the conservatives on talk radio (and even TV), have degenerated from being entertaining and thought provoking, to absurdist comedy.  In all honesty, I find them to be as shrill and obnoxious as the lunatics at MoveOn or Kos.  We don’t need that sort of moonbattery on our side.

I don’t know anymore.  I look to the people I respect, and see that they’re lining up for McCain.  I look at who’s contracted MDS (McCain Derangement Syndrome), and wonder at why?  It’s not like there’s a cohesive argument to be found there.  Like I said above, it’s visceral, not rational.  We used to be the people who voted for people, not the people who just voted against someone.  When did we stray so much?

UPDATE: Seems that the slime machines are gearing up again.  I found a copy of the letter Adm. Stockdale wrote about McCain here (Thanks to Beth at My Vast Rightwing Conspiracy for the links).  I highly reccomend reading the rest of the sight as well, as it debunks alot of what passes for “facts” on the net concerning POW/MIA issues.


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