My Primary Ballot is in

Took a short drive over to my local polling station and cast my “Super Tuesday” vote.  It should come as no surprise that I cast my ballot for John McCain.  Mac should win New York handily, and by a fairly wide margin, even with Rudy still on the ballot.  I even got to do some grocery shopping, as the polling station is in my local Hannaford Supermarket. Very convienient IMO.

Turn out seemed to be good, based on a short conversation with the election people.  Not outstanding, or overly heavy, mainly because it’s only the Democrats and Republicans casting votes today, but a solid turn out.  Then again, where I live, voting is considered a civic duty, almost sacred, so this is unsurprising.

I asked my daughter if she wanted to go with me to vote today before she left for school.  She said yes, so I waited until after she got home to go over.  A word to all the parents out there: Any time you go to vote, bring your child, or children with you.  It’s a free civics lesson, and shows how easy and simple it is to be a part of the electoral process.  Most polling stations will allow you to bring your child with you into the booth (at least here in NY), as long as they are not of voting age (ie under 18).  This is a tremendous opportunity to not only show them how easy it is, but is a chance to explain how the ballots work, and to show that it does matter.


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