Supporting the Troops

It’s far easier than most people think, and it doesn’t take a lot.  In fact, it’s the easiest stuff that can make the most impression.

 A group of moderators at Comic Collector Live wanted to find a way to blend our love of comics with supporting the troops.  At first we thought to try and do it ourselves.  But the way the US Military has restricted the sending of care packages, getting ourselves set up and running was going to be prohibitive.  So off we went to do some research, and see if there was any organization we could send donations to.  Sure enough, we found this one:

Chris Tarbassian has been running this site since 2003, and is continuing his efforts.

But why comics?  Wouldn’t books be better?

Well…if you talk to anyone who has ever worn a full field pack, and carried a weapon at the same time, and they will tell you weight and space are at a premium.  Anything more than a thin paper back is not easilly stashed and transported in full kit, or even in a combat lay out.  But a comic can be rolled up, stuffed into a small space in a pack, or into a pocket.  BTW, that shudder you heard was a million collectors cringing at the thought of damagin a comic so.

The other advantage is that a comic can be read quickly, during breaks, or in those precious off hours (not that there are any really in a combat zone).  They are also easilly traded, and can also be used as “good will” gifts to children.

I will be sending my own package off this week.


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