Stupid Resolution Defeated in Albany (UPDATED)

You know, I sometimes wonder what these nimrods in County Legislatures are thinking when they come up with this stuff.  I mean aren’t there matters far more important that they should be dealing with rather than wasting their time and the public’s time on crap like this?  You know like property taxes, decrepit nursing homes, unkept roads, and such.  It’s bad enough that places like Berkely CA, Cambridge MA, and others think they can dictate what the Federal government does by passing a local resolution, we don’t need this crap around here.

For those that don’t know of what I write, go here:

The problem I’m finding is that the actual text of the resolution is not to be found on the web.  Not surprising really, given that Steck is running for the soon to be open Congressional seat held by Mike McNulty (D-Green Island), who is retiring. 

From what I’m gathering from new reports and a few eye witnesses, is that the public commentary section was both good and bad, and it was Dan McCoy’s opposition (a veteran of Iraq) on the Legislature that ultimately lead to the defeat of the resolution.  Public opinion appears to have been about even between the two sides.  Opponents and supporters ran the usual gamut, with the to be expected nut jobs wonking out.  From what I have been told, one moonbat even went so far as to heckle the teen age son of a soldier serving in Iraq.  Of course it appears the KOS-acks are loving that part, lauding it, and condemning McCoy for his opposition.

The only thing I know for sure is that this resolution went down in flames, 15 for, 22 against, with several people who said they’d support it, turning around due to the wording and some things they had not been made aware of.  Supporters and moonbats booed, opponents gratefully applauded.

If someone has links to the text of the resolution, or to video from this, I would love to put them here.


First off, apologies to Dan McCoy, who I originally called Dan McAvoy.  That error has been corrected. 

Here’s another story (with some video) from WNYT:

The Times Union article is just a tad biased (support was not 2-1 in favor from what I’ve been told and other news outlets), but does illustrate some of the nutty reasons “why” this motion failed.


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