Another End of an Era

Well, by now everyone on the planet Earth, except maybe those who rely on Venezuelan State TV, knows that Fidel Castro has “resigned” as “President” of Cuba.  Whle this event is oh say 50 years late in coming, it is welcome news.  It was wonderful to see Little Havana in celebration in Miami. 

What has been interesting to see is how not only have the politicians reacted, but in how the mass media outlets have couched the announcement.  McCain called the announcement “over due,” and that Cuba’s march towards deomcracy was “inevitable.” Read the full statement here:  Not to be outdone, and to try to regain some of the Cuban-American vote, Hillary and Obama chimed in as well.  Obama kept with his theme (or is it meme at this point?) of “change,” saying “If the Cuban leadership begins opening Cuba to meaningful democratic change, the United States must be prepared to begin taking steps to normalize relations and to ease the embargo of the last five decades. The freedom of the Cuban people is a cause that should bring the Americans together.” Hillary Clinton tried to sound “Presidential,” but came across as anything but: “And we need a president who will work with countries around the world in Europe and the Western Hemisphere to push Cuba now to join the community of nations and to become a democracy. And I will certainly do that as president.” 

Obama and Hillary quotes from CNN:

On the media front, there is some interesting and intriguing items of note on this.  The biggest of course is how CNN decided to handle the presentation of Fidel’s resignation.  It seems that at least one person at CNN decided that the anchors should focus on the “good” of the Castro regime.  (Hat tip to CrushLiberalism)  Two links of note here:

That email is pretty damning, and indicates a lot of bad management at CNN if it got all the way through.  Even if it only had an “advisory” effect, it still puts CNN in a bad light.  Not that CNN hasn’t shot itself in the foot before.  Even so, someone at CNN, someone in a position to actually do something, needs to do a house cleaning.  This sort of thing is just too pervasive in the mass media today, and this is just the latest incident.  It’s not just CNN, but they do get caught more often than others.  We need a return to honest journalism, and not this advocacy masquerading as “news.”


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