Myriad Musings

I didn’t want to go into any one subject in depth today.  So what you get are more “sound bite” musings.  Suffer or enjoy as you wish.

Ralph Nader is once again running for President.  Ho-hum.  The only person he’d be a factor for is Hillary, who would lose votes to him.  Otherwise, McCain and Obama have nothing to even worry about.

Obama’s picture in traditional Somali garb is making the rounds.  Even made the Schenectady Gazette.  Big whoop on this one too.  All sorts of people, from Presidents, to diplomats, to Congressional types, to average every day citizens have done things like this.  Another non-story that some how became a story.

Looks like Roger Clemens will be facing a perjury investigation.  He might have avoided it if that picture (yet to be released AFAIK) of him at the Canseco party he said he didn’t go to hadn’t surfaced.  On a related note, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are allegedly looking at signing Barry Bonds.  Honestly, Tampa Bay is too good for Bonds.  Bud Selig should make Bonds sign with Kansas City for the MLB minimum.  That should be good for at least 5 years off whatever he gets from his perjury trial.

Never, ever, play Mahjong with old guys who refer to Confucius as “that young upstart from the country side.”

Jack Cafferty is still an idiot.  How this moron ever got on TV is beyond me.  His inane “rants” and monologues are not entertaining, or informative, or enlightening.  He’s a twit on TV, so people give him undeserved credence.

The Oscar ceremony was on Sunday night.  I, like 99% of planet, did not watch any of it.  The whole Academy Awards thing is so irrelevant now, and is little more than a bunch of Hollywood insiders glad handing each other. 

Robert Mugabe, wanna-be dictator for life of Zimbabwe (aka Rhodesia), expelled a former party loyalist who dared to challenge him for the presidency.  He then threw a lavish birthday party for himself, commandeering buses and taxis to truck the well wishers to a spot outside of Harare (aka Salisbury).  The level of decadence really doesn’t matter, as the nation is already facing a food shortage, and 18,000% inflation. 

Turns out my favorite TV cook, Anthony Bourdain, not only has a really fun TV show, No Reservations, but a blog as well.  Read it here:

 Been about 3 months since I last posted a comics review.  Mea Culpa.  Deal with it.  But a quick run down of a few things.  Joe Q at Marvel is a twit.  J.Michael Straczynski gets a bit of sympathy from me for his dealings with Joe Q, but he’s still a mediocre hack writer.  DC is ramping up for their “final crisis” event.  Geoff Johns is still the man among comics writers today.  Sergio Aragonnes has returned with a new Groo limited series. Best non-traditional titles are: DMZ, Scalped, Progamme, and Drafted.

The Boston Celtics still have the best record in the NBA.  They’re sliding a bit right now, but what a turn around from last year!

The Red Sox have signed Bartolo Colon to a minor league deal.  An interesting move.  It’s fairly risk free, and whatever Colon gives, as long as it’s better than Joel Pinero will be a bonus. 

Just checked, Jack Cafferty is still a moron.

Ed Morrissey, The Captain’s Quarters, is shutting that down and moving to Hot Air.  I’m not sure I like this move, but will have to wait and see how this effects the Captain’s style and substance.  Here’s to hoping…

Can’t think of anything else at the moment.  Well, except maybe trying to get Jack Cafferty to play Mahjong with some older Chinese gentlemen for real money…


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