Now it’s Official (at least for the GOP)

Several news outlets and sotes are now reporting that John McCain has clinched the Republican nomination for President.  He has reached the 1191 plateau of delegates required, finally putting an end to Huckabee’s lingering death scene (ala Paul Reubens in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), and the insanity that is Ron Paul (who like Kucinich may lose the primary for his Congressional seat).  Fox is now reporting that Huckabee is officially droping out.



Over on the Democratic side of things, the primary battle is fast resembling an no holds barred street fight than a political contest.  With Hillary surging in Ohio and Texas, it looks like this one is being renewed for another season, at least until Pennsylania.  While Obama had won 12 straight contests, he manages to lose in all the big states, possibly including Texas and Ohio tonight.  Just wait until the Clintonistas get real desperate to sway those Super Delegates as the race remains close.  Fully expect them to go digging for anything and everything to discredit Obama over the next few weeks.


3 thoughts on “Now it’s Official (at least for the GOP)

  1. If Ron Paul is insanity, it is a fine madness. Dr. Paul is crushing his opponent for his congressional district and will remain a voice for freedom, liberty, and, yes,
    sanity in this country. Ron Paul has started a ground swell movement and it will not go away. Look for him to take the fight to the floor of congress and continue to be a voice for limited government and a return to rhe standards that made this country what it is.

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  3. Both Obama and McCain are pretty clean, usually any dirt that shows up, shows up pretty early in the primary season. Both had thier moments and both were non issues.

    Clinton however has more things in her closet than just Bill getting a bj.

    Hopefully it won’t be about the dirt on each other, but more about the issues and the views and what is needed to lead this country for the next four years.

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