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Cruising the various news sites I read, there is quite a lot that will fly under most people’s radar…

First up, senior Dictator-For-Life Robert Mugabe is once again doing his nation more harm than good.  Never mind that Zimbawe (aka Rhodesia) has an inflation rate somewhere north of 18,000%, he just has to go and force out anyone who is vaguey competent in any industry.  Not to mention what have become chronic food shortages resulting in some fairly extreme actions on the part of the embattled citizenry.

See here: CNN FOX London Times 

Mugabe is pillaging his few remaining viable industries to buy votes in what is expected to be a very tense and close election.  Not only is Morgan Tsvangirai of the MDC going to participate, but there’s a renegade form Mugabe’s ruling ZANU-PF party also making a bid.  But to generate some sort of voting bloc for himself, Mugabe has not only destroyed agricultural business to give hand outs, resulting in failed crops, dead farm land, and food shortahes, but now he’s going to raid every other business sector as well.  If people think Zimbabwe is in an economic crisis now, just wait until Mugabe’s incompetent cronies and sycophants get control of the banks, mines, and whatever industry remains.

Looks like there’s been some developments in a few European elections as well.  Sarkozy in France is facing a minor electoral set back (run offs yet to come), and Spain’s Socialist PM is now being forced to find partners to form a government. 

The reading links: FOX (Spain) FOX (France) CNN (Spain) CNN (France) London Times (Spain) Irish Times (France) London Times (France)

With almost all the votes counted in Spain, the Socialist have a 16 seat lead in parliament over the conservative Partido Popular Party, not enough to form a government on their own.  So they will be forced to troll for parliamentary partners, which will inevitably lead to pandering to fringe groups.  I would guess that should the Socialists have to pay out too much for that parliamentary support, it will go badly for them in the next election, which, depending on the pay offs to the minor parties, may be sooner than they’d like.

For Sarkozy this isn’t so much a rebuke, as it is the electorate playing the role of the fool to the king, reminding him as he walks “thou art mortal.”  As this is just the first round, with relatively few getting the required 50% on the first go, the run offs should put Sarkozy “back on track.”  It was nice to see Jean Marie LePen get resoundingly defeated, garnering only about 1% of the total vote.  Which means he can’t play kingmaker this time.

Apparently, there are new deadly sins to watch out for… London Times (Sins)

Hugo Chavez complains alot about “American Imperialism.”  He’s a broken record, and an old one at that on the subject.  But it seems that Hugo ain’t exactly the unambitious type after all.  Seems he’s been backing FARC in Colombia, with the inent of forming a “Socialist Union” between the two nations, and perhaps beyond.  Unfortunately for Hugo, FARC is self destructing, and Colombia isn’t going to just roll over and give in, even if moves his entire army to the border.  And Hugo’s patsies, I mean “allies” in Ecuador and Nicaragua won’t be much help, just ask FARC.  Danny Ortega may find his chummy relationship with Chavez to be troublesome when it comes election time, unless of course he rigs the elections again.

CNN (Colombia) FOX (Colombia)


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