Resignation Update

Word coming through now is that Spitzer will resign, but it will be effective Monday (3-17).  The reasoning seems to be that it will be to allow David Paterson to assemble a transition team, and get things going.  Not sure this is a good thing for anyone.  The only way this can work is if David Paterson hits the ground running tomorrow working on the budget.  God luck to him, as he’ll need it.

Paterson will not have time under any circumstance to put together a budget proposal of his own.  Nor do I think he will be able to just go with Spitzer’s budget plans.  Things will fall to the Assembly and Senate to put it together, come to agreement, and send it to Paterson for signing.

Apparently Silda Spitzer is still scheduled to make a public speaking appearance today for the State Police Women’s Association. But that seems to be up in the air, with her name appearing on some releases, and not on others.  Like many others, I doubt she’ll put in the appearance.


2 thoughts on “Resignation Update

  1. Great Blog!

    Do you feel that, in anyway, this scandal in New York, will carry over to the Republicans running for office there? More specifically Hillary Clinton.

    I would not think so but I am not familiar with New York politics.

    Thanx for allowing me to post.


  2. Probably not hinestly. There just isn’t anyone that can grab the spotlight, and has the charisma and skills to do much with it. It may hurt a few people, like Kirsten Gillibrand, who relied heavily on Spitzer in their runs for office. Anyone closely associated with Spitzer will be hurt by this.

    As for Hillary, she loses a Super Delegate, and a potential cabinet member. She could be marginally hurt by her association with him, much like she was when he proposed his Illegal’s Drivers’ Liscense plan. Outside of that, she won’t be hurt badly.

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