Spitzer Quickie Update

Joe Bruno is scheduled to speak at 10:45 today.

Eliot Spitzer is to give some sort of address at 11:30.

And OMG.  The moonbats are really over the hedge on this.  Check out the lunatic comments section.  Barf bag warning issued!


3 thoughts on “Spitzer Quickie Update

  1. Keep in mind, you are innocent until proven guilty. Yes Spitzer had admitted it, but he has not been charged with a crime (yet). It would be really a tough case to prove the Mann act or money laundering, unless someone in the Emperor’s Club spills the beans, which would mean giving up the names of some big time players both in America and in Europe. Sptizer was only Client #9, who were the first 8? And why aren’t they being dragged through the mud as well.

    Nothing is ever as cut and dry in law as we think it should be and there are more loop holes in law than a George W. Bush speech.

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