The Press Conferences

Joe Bruno, NY State Senate Majority Leader, gave a news conference for about 15 minutes, including some reporter questions.  In what I’m sure will shock some peolple, Joe did not directly address the Spitzer situation, instead merely stating that “he was keeping his (Spitzer’s) family in his prayers, as all NY’ers should.”  Instead, Joe stated that the Senate would pass their budget proposal this afternoon, and would beging conference meetings with the Assembly tomorrow.

Waiting for Spitzer to reach his Manhattan offices now for his announcement.

11:30- Spitzer’s stuck in NYC traffic.

11:33- The feeding frenzy in the conference room is building.  Reporters are worse than sharks at times.

11:43- News reports indictae that it was Paterson who requested the delay in the resignation.  News conference begining..

11:45- It’s official, he’s resigning.  Spitzer also confirmed that the delay until Monday was at David Paterson’s request.  He also stated he was leaving public life.  The apology was not all that sincere to my ears and eyes, but I’m biased.  From the looks on Silda’s face, I don;t think she found him all that sincere either.  He took no questions as expected.


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