Tick, tick, tick…

The countdown to the end of Eliot Spitzer’s reign as Governor of New York is on.  About an hour ago, the NY Post reported online that Spitzer was in fact to resign.  That was at about 8:30 this morning.  The Post article indicated that the resignation could happen with in the hour, which it didn’t.

My take is that the Post learned of when the resignation letter was signed, and sent off to Albany.  The resignation won’t become official until the Secretary of State signs off on it, and is witnessed by the Senate Majority Leader (Joe Bruno), and the Assembly Speaker (Sheldon Silver).  So, if the letter left Manhattan at around 8:30 AM, it will arrive at the Capital some time around 12-12:30PM.  As all the necessary parties will undoubtedly be standing by, once the letter arrives, things will happen very quickly.  Expect the offcial announcement to happen around 1PM today.

The real indicator will be when Lt.Gov. David Paterson leaves his home and goes to the State Capital buildings.  That will mean that the transition is imminent.


3 thoughts on “Tick, tick, tick…

  1. Do you believe everything the post says?

    It will happen. Patterson is back in Guilderland anyway and no doubt is getting snuck into the Capital as we speak.

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