And The Fall Out Continues

It looks like “client #6” has been outed.  According to the NY Daily News, The Duke of Westminster was also a regular client of the Emperor’s Club.  The Duke, aka Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, a former offical at the UK’s Ministry of Defense, and a Labour Party official, had quite a few trysts.  Despite being England’s wealthiest individual, he haggled with at least one girl over price.    STORY

I fully expect more clients to be named as the week goes on.

The now infamous “Kristen” has been identified.  The NY Times, probably in a desperate search for readers, was first on this: HERE  Not to be outdone, the NY Post has also picked up on this: HERE

CNN has some more details on how this all got started with the bank.  And that the February 13th tryst was his 8th, at a minimum.

Oops.  Looks like we have had 1 Governor impeached, William Sulzer in 1913.  Have to look into that one a bit. This from the Times-Union.  I understand the comparisons to Al Smith and Nelson Rockefeller, but Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Dewey?  Not in my opinion.

“I really don’t feel vindicated. But I do feel when you look at the things I tried to raise in the campaign, one of the many things I said was that Eliot Spitzer had one set of rules for himself and one set for everyone else. I never would have imagined it could be so glaring.” — John Faso, the former Assemblyman and Republican candidate who lost to Spitzer in 2006.

Other reactions HERE

Link to Joe Bruno’s news conference.

Link to Spitzer’s resignation announcement.

And here’s some morning reading for those who are interested:

Ben Smith at Politico on David Paterson

Susan Estrich takes Spitzer to task (this one’s a political ouchie!)

Charles Gasparino at the NY Post

Campaigns and Elections

WSJ on Eliot and the media


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