More Spitzer Reading

So I can’t get enough of this stuff right now.  To borrow a phrase form Second City TV: “Hey I’m sick, I need help.”  😉

I haven’t watched all of David Paterson’s news conference today as yet.  More on that once I do.

Fred Dicker

NY Post Editorial

WSJ Opinion Piece


7 thoughts on “More Spitzer Reading

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  2. I understand you are giddy right now and why not. I mean I think everyone in the state has laughed their asses off, unleashing an avalanche of hooker jokes. Right now I think any joke can have Eliot Spitzer as the punch line.

    But before all you republicans get going too much, your party isn’t immune to this either. I seem to remember a President who won 49 states in an Election and had to resign. At the very least we are even.

    Not too many democrats are crying to see Spitzer go. He was elected for the right reasons, but from ‘day one’ he did one of the most bungled jobs ever. Paterson is a different animal and I think many people will be surprised to see what he really is. In many ways he is more liberal than Spitzer, but he is far less combative.

  3. I don’t think Nixon won 49 States in 1972. Reagan did in 1984, but not Nixon IIRC.

    But the Nixon analogy is pretty spot on. Spitzer had an enemies list, used government resouces to try and smear them, got caught and burned because of tapes..Spitzer in some ways makes Nixon look good.

  4. In fact you are right.

    Nixon won 49 states in 1972 (McGovern won Massachusetts) and in 1984 Reagan won 49 States (Mondale took Minnesota). Both McGovern and Mondale won DC for what it was worth (and its still not worth much).

    But Nixon has a similiar ‘bugger off’ attitude that was ultimately his downfall as well, I’m sure their are poly sci students right now writing papers comparing the two.

  5. Apparently I can’t write today, so lets move Nixon’s has to the past tense ‘had’ and use the correct ‘there’ instead of ‘their’.

    “Now write it out 100 times or I’ll cut your balls off.”
    -Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”

  6. The quote you reference isn’t from “Second City” — it’s from “Night Stand”, the talk show parody starring Tim Stack as host Dick Dietrick. A recurring character on the show would respond to any long list of crimes and offenses he had committed with a dismissive shrug of his shoulders and explaining, “Hey, I’m sick, I need help.” Man I miss that show.

  7. While Tim Stack did use the line in “Night Stand” (another great comedic send up), John Candy’s TV scientist character on SCTV (Mr.Science?), used it regularly, which is where I first remember it from.

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