Paterson’s Inauguration

I was going to live blog David Paterson’s inauguration today, but circumstances won’t allow me to.  He’s expected to take the oath of office as Governor today at Noon EDT, in one of the Assembly Chambers.  Be interesting to see if he has more quips like he did in his first press conference following Spitzer’s resignation. Politics on the Hudson has a good summary of Paterson’s best lines from that press conference HERE. I did like the Custer quip.

Those expected to attend, beyond those who are “mandatory,” include Hillary Clinton, who will undoubtedly be trying to look good and chummy with Paterson (who is a Hillary Super Delegate), and Former Governor George Pataki (recovering from intestinal surgery, and against his doctor’s wishes).  Spitzer, needles to say, will not be in attendence.

The Pataki presence is interesting.  When Spitzer was inaugurated, he all but directly insulted Pataki, with Pataki on the podium next to him.  I guess we should have had a hint as to the exact nature of Spitzer’s lack of tact, and “I don’t care” attitude then and what it could possibly lead to.  Pataki coming to this inauguration is obviuosly a slap at Spitzer.  All George is saying is “I had to attend yours, but I’m coming to this one by choice.”

All the hooplah should be done and over with by 1:30 PM EDT today.  Then it will be on to what should be some marathon budget negotiations.


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