Paterson has an up and down three days

Well, we just can’t seem to escape the extramarital stuff here in NY.  David Paterson took the oath on Monday.  On Tuesday he was addressing the rumors of his, and his wife’s affairs.  I’m not going to dwell on this for long.  In fact this will be it.  It was an “open secret” around Albany that Paterson and his wife were having some marital difficulties, and both strayed while things were rocky.  But unlike Spitzer, this was “understandable” in the circumstances as they were known.  Also unlike Spitzer, Paterson and his wife reconciled before things “wen too far.”  And in a news conference on Tuesday they addressed the issue head on.

Good for him.  It was a smart move, and difuses any potential feeding frenzy by the press.  And it would have been the press who would have pressed and pushed this into something it was not.  If it had any real political legs, it would have been used long ago by Paterson’s opponents.  The mere fact that it wasn’t shows how much others thought of the situation.  ALl the legislative leaders chimed in briefly, and none dwelled on it more than required to answer the vulture’s..I mean reporters…questions demanded.  Joe Bruno and Sheldon Silver talked the most, but even then they deferred to the new Governor rather than wax on about it themselves.  It’s done and over with, and fully out in the open.  As Stan Lee so famously said, ‘Nuff Said!

Even with that bit of salaciousness, Paterson got right to work on Monday, signing 5 bills into law.  Nothing of significance, but was a good showing on his part.  Sure it was mostly PR stuff, nothing controversial or out of the ordinary, but it does give him credit for jumping right in after a very rough political week prior to that.

His Inaugural speach was good.  Plenty of humor, and it showcased his easy going affable style.  If I were advising him though, I’d scale back on the humor.  While it certainly plays well in news conferences, and in off the cuff interviews, and one on ones, it was a bit heavy in his inaugural address.  Even though the anecdotes were funny (“I won’t have you turning the State of the State into a Jewish wedding” was priceless), there was just a bit too many of them, and not quite enough substance to the speach.  Hopefully he’ll get his writers to scale back on the humor once he’s more ensconced in the office, and the furor over Spitzer dies down.

Now on to the budget watch…


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