And People think Florida and Ohio were bad..

Such naivete really.  You want electoral fraud?  Look at Iran, where the opposition was limited in where they could run, and thus limited their ability to compete openly and fairly.  Not to mention insuring that the hard liners would retain power in parliament.  But better yet, look at the former darling of the western liberal leftists, Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

In 1980, when he assumed power from the apartheid Ian Smith government, he was hailed as the next great leader of Sub-Saharan Africa.  He in herited an economy, and economic base to rival that of South Africa.  They were exporting excess food, were attractive to outside investment, and help stabilize the economies of their neighbors.  Fast forward to 2008, and it’s all in ruins, yet Mugabe is still in power.  He has single handedly destroyed what coulod have been the cornerstone for a vast economic improvement in Southern Africa.  He has fallen into the same pattern as his predecessor, effectively disenfranchising a section of the population, and dismantling the basis of the economy.  Zimbabwe has gone from a vibrant expanding economy, to one where they can’t produce enough food to support themselves (where a even a few years ago they were a net exporter of food), and an inflation rate some where north of 1800%. 

Now, there are elections going on for nearly every position in the country.  How scared is Mugabe and his ruling thugs?  They’ve banned most international press from covering the elections (as previously posted), including SKY TV and CNN.  The police and army have been deployed to polling stations, not to insure free and fair elections, but to discourage opposition voting and voters.  They use paper ballots, and with so many candidates and offices up for election, it has slowed voting in the urban areas, probably to the point of denying some people voting before the polls close.  Not to mention the time limit on voting will inevitably cause problems.

CNN story HERE

Can you imagine this happening anywhere in Europe or North America?  Think of the outrage that would be engendered by such an action.  Yet when it comes to places like Zimbabwe, the Western Leftists remain curiously silent.  If this was Florida, or Ohio, or Sussex, or  Quebec, or anywhere else, there would be protests in the streets, calls for sitting government to step down, and new elections to be held.  Oh wait…

But when it happens in places like Zimbabwe, or Iran, or Cuba, or Venezuela, or Nicaragua back in the day?  Nothing.  Nada.  Complete, and utter silence.  And these people used to complain about US support for the likes of Ferdinan Marcos.


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