Ramos-Villalta Update

I originally commented on Cpl. Ramos-Villalta HERE.  Tody on CNN, there is an article updating his quest for citizenship.  You can read it HERE.

Cpl. Mario Ramos-Villalta has officially become a citizen.  Congratulations Corporal!  It is a well deserved “reward” for your service.  It is dubious that it took a CNN report to expedite your request, but it is now one less thing for your to worry about.

Yours is a story that should serve as an example to others.  You did things the right way, and with honor, as evidenced by your service record.  Your story is proof positive that those who wish to come to this country, and to do so legally, will reap the benefits (such that they are) of citizenship, and for having done things the right way.  People need not enlist in the military to follow your example (but it is one way), they just need to follow the rules.  There is no issue with people wanting to come here, just do so under the rules, and we will welcome you with open arms.


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