NY State Police to be Investigated (Small Update)

The fall out from Eliot Spitzer’s brief term as Governor continues unabated.  The latest, as reported by Fred Dicker and the NY Post (HERE), is that Governor David Patterson has asked AG Andrew Cuomo to begin an investigation into the NY State Police, and their involvement not only in Spitzer’s call girl fetish, and the Joe Bruno scandal, but into several other political shennanigans as well. 

According to Dicker (HERE), the AG will be looking into “a rogue element with in the force,” that was used, and acted for “political purposes,” not only by Spitzer, but George Pataki before him.  This “hatchet squad” was supposedly run by Pataki’s former SP Guard Detail commander (and Spitzer friend) Daniel Wiesse.  This group with in the State Police gather information on anyone deemed “dangerous” or was an “enemy” of certain powerful people (John Sweeney).  They would apparently harass, and otherwise make difficulties for those so targeted. 

While it’s been no secret that the State Police have made things diificult for people who make their lives miserable, this is above and beyond that, if proven true.  Now, for all this to be true, it would require a lot of effort, not only at implementing such a scheme, but controlling information regarding it.  It’s Nixonian over tones, with more than a touch of J.Edgar Hoover, seems almost implausible.  Add to this the time frame for how long this has been going on, and it boggles the mind.

I have no doubt that some individuals have acted in a political manner regarding information leaks (show me a government agency on any level where this doesn’t happen), and have certainly taken personal grudges too far.  But this?  This I think is a bit too much, but makes not only for a good story and press, but excites the imagination of many people, more so in an election year.  Next I’m sure the story will involve Black Helicopters, Alien Abductions (Is Dennis Kucinich coming to town?), and the ever popular New World Order.  I’m sure we can work in Majestic 12, the Bildeburgers, and the Council on Foreign Relations as well.

This is not to absolve, or mitigate, or even trivialize what has happened.  But in any and every organization, there are those who will abuse their positions for personal gain (and it does not have to monetary).  But this “Star Chamber” type scheme I personally find to be a bit over the top.  I highly doubt it was ever as well organized as it’s being made out.  Instead, I expect that a few key players, such as Daniel Wiesse, will be the only ones who were full involved.  Others will have been brought in for “one off” type efforts, especially if the “recruit” already had a grudge against the target.  But I don’t believe that there will be this mass conspiracy and rogue operation as has been implied.

This hasn’t hit anywhere else as yet, just at the NY Post, so take it for what it’s worth ATM.  But expect this one to hit the National News circuit real soon.


The Schenectady Gazette has picked up the story HERE

The only thing from the Albany Times-Union is an entry in their Capitol Confidential blog covering Sheldon Silver’s response to Patterson’s request to the Attorney General.  I doubt we’ll see much else from the T-U, as both Rex Smith and Jerry Odato will probably be subpoenaed if not directly investigated as a part of this.


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