Some people just don’t think

Take Sen. Jay Rockafeller for example.  In his feeble, and badly orchestrated attempt to smear Sen. John McCain, he managed not only to stick his foot in his mouth, but managed to insult every combat pilot every where in one statement.

How bad was this?  Even the Obama campaign, who Rockafeller was trying to support with this, condemned it.  By this afternoon, Rockafeller had “retracted” the statement.  Of course, it took a small media storm, well, a media rain shower really, to spur the Obama camp.  But as they’re desperate to keep a positive spin on anything and everything of late, it’s small surprise.

But one thing that has been over looked, beyond the obvious insult by Rockafeller, is that this sort of thing that is against what Obama has preached concerning American politics.  Guess it’s all just words, as even in Obama’s call for Rockafeller to apologize, there was no mention of the nature of the attack, just that it made Obama’s campaign look bad.

The links:

Now it should be noted that while Obama preaches about civility in politics, he seems to have no problem in doing so himself (any of the “100 Year War” comments), or in allowing others to do so in his name, as long as the media doesn’t jump on it.  Has his quest for the Democratic nomination become so tight that he has to use the Clintonista play book?  Guess so.  So much for “hope and change,” as it just mroe of the same old same old.



2 thoughts on “Some people just don’t think

  1. Rockefeller really stuck his foot in his mouth on that one. In his “apology”, he claimed to use a bad analogy and poor choice of words. He didn’t come back and say anything about those that drop bombs for a living while serving our country. I believe those are his true feelings and he isn’t willing to apologize for them.

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