And we’re supposed to take these people seriously?

What can one say?  This guy is so divorced from reality, that one wonders how he ever got to where he is.  First he denies the Holocost, and now continues his meme about 9-11.  “Never published the names?” Does this guy never read anything but his own propaganda?  the names of those killed on 9-11 have been published in so many places, so many times, around the globe, that this is just pure nonsense!  And somehow, the left, and Democrats think we should just have a nice sit down and chat with him?  One must wonder if they are as looney as he is.


Meanwhile, in the South of Africa, Robert Mugabe is trying to figure out how he can steal the election.  Results of the Presidential race in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia have not yet been released, in a brewing scandal that makes Florida and Ohio look like a 3rd grade Class officer election.  Even the UN is condemning it now (a wekk late I might add):

This one will not end well I suspect.  Expect there to be violence, perhaps even an outright civil war in teh near future.  What was once a beacon for southern Africa is now facing a crisis of self destruction all because of the ego of one man and his thugs.  I do hope Hugo Chavez is paying attetion, as this is his future if he’s not careful.


3 thoughts on “And we’re supposed to take these people seriously?

  1. The Zimbabwean Election Situation a Global Threat!

    The withholding of results for the Zimbabwean Presidential election is a threat to the world. The same problem can easily spread to other nations, especially developing ones if not dealt with urgently. There may be no violence in Zimbabwe but a similar situation could be a big problem in other countries. It is a wrong precedence to other leaders who would want to use the same tactic when they are about to lose power. Thabo Mbeki is not correct by saying it is not a threat. He knows well that it takes less than 12 hours to count election results in Zimbabwe.

  2. Yes, he is right. He says the truth. Besides it was an attack in which no one really involved was brought to account for it – only some guys were charged but nobody knows if Bush`s evidences are not fabricated as all his invectives – all his politics, his illegal invasions, his sich desire of subordination and conquer of the world. And this attack was pretext to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Who know? maybe the big plan of Bush was conque all over the world includind a bug empire for instance uSSmania, which includes IRaq, Afghanistan, Russia, China,Iran, Europe and Africa?
    Saying truly it does not matter how many people were killed in this WTC, even if there would die not about 3000 but for instance 30000 or 3000000 of people-it exists no justification for it what USA did and do to Iraqis, Afghans and many other innocent people.

  3. Now I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the Zimbabwean elections are a global threat. That’s way over stating the issue. But it is a threat to Zimbabwe, and the people of Zimbabwe, and to their neighbors in Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, and Mozambique. More so if things take a violent turn. It hasn’t been that long since the war ended in Zimbabwe, and those around it will remember what happened back then.

    And I see the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has finally gotten a Cyber-Unit active. Congratulations on joining the 21st century (at least in this regard). This is the sort of non-sense that can only be facilitated and spread through the world wide web. Any idiot can post whatever, and be “heard” by who ever come across their rants. I just love this sort of ridiculous attempt at…something. I was going to say argument, but it is too far beyond the pale for that. It’s fanatsy trolling is all.

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