The Nintendo Wii

Well, the wife finally got her wish on Monday when UPS finally delivered her Nintendo Wii.  It was supposed to have been delivered on Friday, but the packages never made it on the truck.  She had been looking at getting one for a while now, more since some of her employees have been raving about it for months on end, and constantly saying how much fun it is.

So it arrived Monday.  Got it set up, and running in less than a half hour.  Man is this thing small.  I think the 5.25″ Floppy Drive I had for my old C-64 was larger than this console unit. The package deal my wife got came with the unit, and six games, the biggest name being Super Smash Brothers Brawl.  Total was around $500 from Toys-R-Us. 

As we had the weekend to get additional bits for the Wii, we went around and picked up a 4 controller charging station, two extra controllers and “nunchuks” (The unit only comes with 1, and there are 3 of us), as well as “jackets” for the controllers.  I highly reccomend getting the rubber/rubberized jackets for the controllers, just so you get a better grip on them while playing, thus saving you from potential damage to your TV, wall, other family members.

I have yet to play an actual game on the Wii.  So far, I’ve just been puttering around with the Wii Sports, which comes with the basic unit.  Despite the very basic nature of the Wii Sports, and the limitations on it, this is still a lot of fun.  Plus, just like the ads say, you will get a work out with this.

The unique feature (and selling point) of the Wii is its controller.  When playing Wii sports, you will use the wireless controller much like the real sporting equipment.   Playing baseball?  You’ll need to swing the controller like a bat.  Golf?  Grab it and swing like Tiger Woods.  Bowling?  Just imagine the controller is the ball and bowl like you would at the lanes.  Tennis?  It’s a racket, so swing it like you would on the court.  The real work out comes when you play the boxing game. 

Boxing on the Wii Sports is a cardio work out.  You have to not only punch with both hands (the remote in one hand, the nunchuk in the other), but bob and weave to avoid getting hit.  The sensor system of the Wii can not only gauge where you’re hitting, but how hard based on your punches with the controller,  This system also works with the other games, like baseball and golf, where your swing can have different strength levels and effects.

So far, only my daughter has played a “real” game on the Wii, Zack and Wiki.  It’s a platformer puzzle game, obviuosly targeted for a young audience (not the adult or late teen crowd), but is as interactive, both mentally and physically as the Wii Sports.  The game rewards you based on how “smartly” you solve the puzzles (there are often more than one way to do so), and how quickly.  In the meantime, you end up using the controller to saw through things, rings a bell, or hammer away on something.  It can be tiring just watching her play.

This is not a console for everyone IMO, no matter what Nintendo says.  Though the release of the “Wii Fit” may change that somewhat.  This console is geared towards the younger set (8-13), but has some great potential for the older crowd as well (35+).  Those in the 14-34 range will be better served with either a PS3 or X-Box360.  Despite the timeing, the Wii is not a “next gen” console like the PS3 and X-Box360.  But it is a vast improvement upon the Nintendo Game Cube.  I’ll have more once I get around to actually playing a game or two on this.


7 thoughts on “The Nintendo Wii

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  2. I’ve had a Wii since last May and let me tell you, it’s awesome. Wii Sports is still one of my favorite games, to be quite honest. Worthy pickups include —
    Wii Play — Fun mini-ish games including pool and a duck hunt like shooting gallery. Plus, it comes with a free Wii-mote.
    Sonic and the Secret Rings — Fun, fast platforming gameplay, plus the equivalent to Mario Party with Sonic characters as a multi-player mode which has kept many of my younger siblings (ranging from 4 to 12 who’ve played it) occupied for hours on end.
    Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree — It’s fun “brain games” to help make you smarter, purportedly. The real deal is that it’s a bunch of fun games that help hand eye coordination and keep you on your toes. I may be useful to help make you a bit brighter, but I’d say Brain Age on the DS is a little better in that regard.
    (For the record, I hated Zack and Wiki…I bought it and then sold it through an online trading site for 2000 Wii points)

  3. We have the Wii Play as well. We got it as one of the extra controllers we bought. I haven’t tried out that one as yet, having been satisfied with the Wii Sports.

    My Wife and Daughter have been playing Super Smash Brothers of late. I have yet to play a “real” game on the Wii. Though the thought of playing Snake from MGS in Super Smash Brothers is intriguing.

    Zack and Wiki is definitely not geared towards the older crowd. But for an 11 year old it seems to be great fun.

    We’ll probably end up getting the Sonic game. My wife is a Sonic addict, and was Queen of Sonic on the Genesis.


    Sorry had to do that.

    Played Resident Evil 4 on it yet? I know Manhunt 2 had to be ‘toned down’ a bit because the motions were just a little too realistic.

    Does it do anything other than play WII games?

  5. Well, it will play GameCube games. But that’s about it.

    No, I haven’t played RE4 on it. Didn’t see the need as I have it for the PS2, and from what I understand, it’s the same content.

    I was going to get Umbrella Chronicles for it, but was told to wait for Father’s Day.

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