Access Hollywood trumps the MSM

Last night I was forced to have Access Hollywood on the TV while at work.  Mainly because it was on, and it was on the only station that the ancient TV set was able to pick up in the building.  This is not the sort of show I tend to watch, or even enjoy watching.  But a story on it caught my attention.

Mainly, it was Cindy McCain, wife of John McCain, being interviewed.  What really caught my attention though, was the almost complete lack of politics involved in the story and interview.  Instead they talked about her recovery from a stroke, and her addiction to pain killers following back surgery.

It what was a genuinely informative, and enlightening story, not just about Cindy, but a human interest story, Access Hollywood got it right for once.  No salacious scandal mongering, no over-hyped celebrity breakdowns, just a story about a woman, and her trials and tribulations while being the wife of a US Senator, and Presidential nominee.

You can find part 1 here:

And links to the rest are there as well. 

It’s amaing that Access Hollywood of all shows, is the one who gets Cindy McCain in an exclusive, and asks pertinent questions, and offers her the chance to respond with out any creative editing.  This would be unlike say, The NY Times, or Washington Post, both of whom have printed, front page, poorly sourced hatchet jobs on John McCain, using creative editing on responses and other quotes to shade the story to their political agendas.

How sad is it when a fluff show like Access Hollywood is able to do better, more professional jouranlism than the mainstays and icons of the traditional news world?


2 thoughts on “Access Hollywood trumps the MSM

  1. Is it an issue really? If Hillary’s returns weren’t an issue when Billy-boy was running, why should Cindy McCain’s? And who said anything about purity? This is politics, no one is pure. Not even the Obamamesiah.

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