Ain’t this grand?

Ah, “civilized political discourse.”

As if all the corruption issues with the City Council’s “slush fund” wasn’t enough.

Beating up on a diabled girl, just beacuse she happens to like Laura Bush, and for her work with literacy, is just so mature.  I just bet there are at least several “big name” liberal bloggers who are now luading this individual.  Bah.  Hope he gets 3 years at Rikers.


2 thoughts on “Ain’t this grand?

  1. The story is fake. Eyewitnesses are saying that the attacker was the FATHER of the girl in the wheelchair who rammed German Talis with the wheelchair then began beating him. A lawsuit is in the works against the father and against the police for an unlawful arrest. The New York Post is about as reliable as the National Enquirer.

  2. See I just knew someone would come out and defend this schmuck. Though previously I had been blissfully unaware that this whack-job was a Troofer, I am now not surprised that there’s a conspiracy theory defense of him not circulating. It’s almost laughable. No, it is laughable.

    And I won’t hold my breath on the law suit, but you can feel free to do so. In fact, please do so. It should be entertaining to watch. There will be no law suit. Talis will get jail time, and make some lovely new friends at Rikers.

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