Arrghh!! He did it!

No, I’m not talking politics here.  I’m talking about the NFL.  Specifically the Dallas Cowboys and the “deal in principle” with the Tennesee Titans for Pac-Man Jones.

Previously, when rumors of this first surfaced, I was dead set against it.  I thought it was a bad deal then.  No, a terrible deal.  Now with the announcement of a theoretical deal, where the ‘Boys send a 4th round pick to the Titans for Pac-Man, I think it’s still a terrible deal.  There is just so much that will go badly with this deal. 

First off, Pac-Man is still under NFL suspension.  He can’t play.  He can’t even sign the theoretical 4 year contract offer.  He’s banned from the league.  He’s supposed to apply for reinstatement this summer, but that is far from an assured thing.  I highly doubt that Roger Goodell (NFL commissioner), will find enough evidence that Pac-Man has been “keeping his nose clean” as much as had been promised.  Even with Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones, who wields a good deal of influence, on his side, my guess is that Pac-Man will not be reinstated for the start of the 2008-09 season.

Second, this guy is pure trouble.  Yes, he has lots of talent.  Yes, he can be a shut down corner.  But, he can’t be that if he’s in jail, or answering another warrant.  Then there are the people he associates with outside of football.  These are the same people who have consistently gotten him into trouble at night clubs, or other acrivities.  He has not repudiated them, nor significantly disassociated himself from them.  As such, if he comes to Big D, he’ll bring those same people to the team, if only indiectly.

No, Pac-man Jones is a dangerous gamble.  The potential upsides (shut down corner, stronger pass defense, easier load for the line backers), are out weighed by all the potential down sides (off field antics, legal woes, associating with violent offenders, bad team mate).  This is a bad gamble by Jerry and company.  I really hope this thing gets scuttled by the League in some fashion, be by not reinstating Pac-Man, or voiding the deal entirely as Pac-Man is still under suspension.  If not, this will prove to be more of a distraction, one that will hurt the teams chances of reaching, let alone winning the Super Bowl.


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