Oh those Pennsylvania Follies

Well.  What’s left to be said about the Democratic Primary?  Not much.  It’s been done to death.

As has been oft repeated, and I will do so again here, the big winner from the PA primary was John McCain.  Not since the 1980 battles between Carter, Edward Kennedy, and Jesse Jackson has there been so much blue on blue “friendly fire” incidents.  I just can’t help but laugh at all those former Clintonistas who jumped over to Obama that now deride Hillary for her “dirty tricks” and how she “plays fast and loose with facts.”  A mere 18 months ago, those same people would be lambasting anyone who said such things.

Vindication can come in many forms.  This is the “right wing conspiracy’s” vindication for all those things that have been said about the Clintons over the years.  Just don’t expect anyone to actualy admit they were wrong back then.  It’s beyond them to admit they were duped, that they made a mistake.  Nope, not going to happen. 

So Hillary got the win, and the winning margin she needed, barely.  Personally, I’m looking forward to whatever back room deal happens at the convention.  No matter what it is, people will feel cheated and excluded, and rightfuly so.  The whole Democratic nomination process has become a joke, above and beyond the usual snarkyness.  Between the Florida and Michigan fiascos (yeah, lets exclude two big states, then expect them to crawl back to us), Obama’s associates (from Ayers to Wright et al), Hillary’s “poor me” crying fits, and whatever spews forth from Howard Dean’s mouth, how can anyone take any of the Democratic candidates seriously?  The last serious candidate was Bill Richardson, and even he got dragged through the mud by his former Clintonista pals (James Carville). 

So what’s the end result from PA?  Well, Indiana suddenly becomes important.  The nastiness of the Democratic campaign will only continue to get more bitter, and more divisive.  And John McCain will only continue to look better and better.  Thank you Pennsylvania, and thank you Democrats!  We wouldn’t be able to do what we do with out you!


3 thoughts on “Oh those Pennsylvania Follies

  1. McCain is not wowing anyone. He is polling even (even with his leads, they are within the margin of error) in most national polls against either Deomcratic candidate. McCain has been stable around 45%, both Clinton and Obama were several points up a few months back, but, while they have lost support these people have not gone over to McCain. Another reason why McCain will end up losing is this interesting little article I got off the BBC.


    Shear numbers doom McCain in a lot of states. Even his recent trip to Salma, Alabama a city that is nearly 80% Black, McCain appeared to be ‘reaching out’ to voters. The crowd around him was nearly 100% white, 20% do not a majority make.

    Sadly, I liken McCain to Herbert Hoover, a respectable statesman, but the wrong man for the job. The Economy is heading south and the only way out is short term social spending and government regulation.

    Plus remember a few months ago, when the Religous right said they would never support McCain and Rush Limbaugh said he would rather vote for Hillary? Seems like the Republican party has made up. The Same thing will happen with the Democrats by November.

    I don’t want to see Clinton get the nomination. 20+ years of Governmental rule by two families, is no longer any kind of democracy.

  2. The thing of it is, is that the huge numbers that have been put up in the Democratic primaries are nit sustainable until and through November. Add to this the bitterly divisive campaign, and those numbers just won’t be there in November. Call it the “Howard Dean Effect.”

    As for Limbaugh and the Religious Right, well, it’s not all smiles and roses. That said, it’s a simple matter really. Both Clinton and Obama scare them more than McCain does. So, they’re backing what they see as the lesser of 3 evils. This is unlike McCain’s perception among Democrats, who aren’t scared by him.

    As Long as the Deomcratic nomination goes to the Convention in some sort of brokered deal, it will alienate a lot of rank and file Democrats. If it’s Clinton who gets the nod, a lot, if not the majority, of Obama supporters will stay home. All those new voter registrations? Like smoke in the wind. It will kill Clinton in states like Pennsylvania and Ohio, plusit will weaken Democratic efforts for the House, Senate, and local races. If Obama gets the nod, those Clintonistas are a vengeful lot (just ask Bill Richardson). A good many of them will jump ship to vote for McCain for President, but probably won’t impact the other races.

  3. Now you know why Clinton Won’t get the nomination. You stated it perfectly. She isn’t getting new voters and her victory would ‘un-inspire’ people brought into the mix by Obama.

    Should be interesting. If the economy really starts to tank, people always look for change. Which may mean a republican congress, but a democrat in the White House.

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