More from Zimbabwe

Well, it seems that old Robert Mugabe just can’t do enough to hold on to power.  Having lost the election, not only for parliament, but for his coveted presidency, and having failed to properly rig the electoral outcome, he’s now resorting to tried and true dictatorial tactics. 

I really had planned on waiting to comment more on this, as the story was becoming just “more of the same old same old” with police and military crack downs on the opposition, thugs roaming and beating people, destruction of opposition offices, etc.  But this CNN piece had a line that caught my attention.  Read the whole thing HERE.

The paasage in question is this: “On Wednesday, police arrested Harrison Nkomo, a lawyer who represented New York Times journalist Barry Bearak when Bearak was briefly detained last month, the rights group Human Rights Watch said. Bearak, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter based in Johannesburg, South Africa, spent four nights in jail in Zimbabwe on charges of “committing journalism” while covering the election.”

“Committing Journalism” is apparently a crime when covering the elections in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia.  I just had to laugh out loud at that one.  While I wasn’t exactly sorry for a “reporter” for the NY Times, not all of them are agenda driven morons.  Some do still believe in accuracy, honesty, and reporting facts not rumor.  Even so, in this case, I do think that the reporter, Nkomo, was essentially arrested for doing his job.  Of course the Mugabe regime doesn’t want the facts on teh ground in Harare or the rest of the country getting out.  So, it’s only “natural” that “committing journalism” would be a crime.

So now when you hear about how reporters are so “abused” or “mistreated” in the US, look here at Zimbabwe for what that really means.  And remember, thsi is not some right wing regime that’s trouncing on civil liberties and rights.  It’s an old school leftist.  And one who was once the darling of the liberal West.


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