Barack Bumbles his history..

So Barack, was it Auschwitz, Buchenwald, or Ohrdruf?


Now I know that delving into family history can be confusing, misleading, and fraught with exaggerations and fabrications.  But this one just seems to be politically driven.  It was a calculated move on his, and his campaign’s part, to try and shore up his appearance to Jewish voters.  It was a dumb move.  They had to know that such a misstep would be covered, and the “mistake” exposed.  If not, then someone is lying.  It could be Barack, it could be his uncle, it could be another family member who told teh story.  OR even worse, it could be Barack is just that ignorant of history, and living history at that.  No excuse if that’s the case, and certainly would not be a mark in his favor.  Heck, no matter what the end result of this is, it is a mark against him.


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