Ferraro, for McCain?



Interesting artcle. 

While Geraldine Ferraro is no stranger to controversy, or speaking her mind, this one does shock me just a little bit.  Until this point, Ferraro had been easily defined as a partisan Democrat.  I guess the Obama campaign has ticked her off quite a bit if she’s publically talking about “jumping ship” to Mac.  If her responses in the article are true, it could spell a huge dent to Obama, more so as a lot of those who Ferraro talks to are Democratic fund raisers and organizers.  And not just any fund raisers and organizers, but the big money people, people who draw in and influence others to donate.  could be a very interesting run through the Democratic convention.  Perhaps a floor fight?  A lot will depend on what the DNC decides to do with the Florida and Michigan delegations.


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