NACBL NY Mets May Wrap Up

Ugh.  After a very promising April, we back slid just a bit.  The team went from 4 games over .500 to 2 games under.  We went from 2nd place in the NL East to 4th.  A record of 10-15 in the month of May might allow Willie Randolph to keep his job, but I need to make some shake ups.

Even so, there have been some good things happening.  Hunter Pence is 4th in the NL in average, Jered Weaver is tied for the league lead in wins with 7, Papelbon is 3rd in saves with 11, and Brandon Webb is 2nd in ERA with 2.45. 

The team’s big problem was not winning games we should on the road.  Of course this is a curse of PC strat, as the game has a definite bias towards the home team.  Still, I can’t complain too much, as I did have a nice road record in April.  Hopefuly this was just a fluke, and we’ll rebound along with the temperatures in June. 

Still, some guys just aren’t performing up to snuff.  Livan Hernandez has been dropped in the rotation form the 2nd slot to 5th.  Jorge de La Rosa, who had been in the 4 slot, has been sent to the bull pen with his 7+ ERA.  Kameron Loe, called up at the begining of May to soak some garbage innings, gets promoted to the 2nd slot in the rotation, after posting a 0.63 ERA and 1-1 record out of the pen.  I doubt he’ll be over powering (his card just isn;t good), but he can’t do any worse that de La Rosa’s 1-8 7.77 ERA.  Okajima did give up an earned run finally, raising his ERA to 0.84. 

The line up got a bit of tweak as well.  Due to AB/PA limitations, Darrin Erstadt has been relegated to the bench, except for PH and defense.  Garret Atkins will move to 1B full time, and Akinori Iwamura will play every day at 3B.  Tony Pena jr, and his .222 average, is on the bench, and Jack Wilson will be playing full time at SS. 

So we’ll see how well the next month goes.  May have to sell out to try and win this year.  I have a problem bringing myself to do that, but it may be a few years before I can make a good run again otherwise.


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